Takeaways of Joining Twitter Chat for Small-Medium Enterprise


Have you heard about Twitter chats? Are you one of those people who believe that it is just a waste of time? Contrary to what you believe, businesses, specifically, SMEs have a lot to gain from Twitter chats. Allow me to explain how.

Small and medium businesses need these three important elements to grow.

  • Exposure
  • Leads and sales generation
  • Continuous learning

Twitter chat has these elements which are necessary for business growth.Here are the takeaways of Twitter chats that SME would find very beneficial in growing their business.

Exchange Of Knowledge

Joining twitter chats within your industry is more than just sharing what you know but it is also learning from others. For instance, Twitter chats like ViralChat, Media Chat and InfluencerChat for digital marketing industry is a venue where influencers gather in a certain schedule to create an interactive conversation through question and answer.

By sharing knowledge, you also learn. As you share what you know about a specific topic, you can also discover a lot of ideas from other participants which you never thought you don’t know.

Take Action:

Participating in Twitter chats is simple. Once you have picked the Twitter chat within your industry you want participate in, all you have to do is to remain participative in answering questions and share useful insights. Likewise, welcome new ideas from competitors and influencers. Read every answer as it may give you tips on how to improve and innovate strategies for business growth.

Furthermore, before you post your answer to a question, reflect on its truthfulness, the more relevant you answer is, the more you can capture the attention of consumers and influencers. Also, do not forget to thank participants who have contributed great ideas and knowledge which you think will be useful for your business.

Give Your Brand An Identity

As an SME, creating an identity is one of the first and crucial steps in business growth. Joining twitter chat is an effective way to create your identity. When you are joining live Twitter chats, you may be mentioned and retweeted several times, thus, extending your reach to a wider audience. Additionally, with live chats in Twitter, you are giving a good first impression for your brand and you are letting your industry know that your brand exists.

Take Action:

Getting your post and social media accounts mentioned is a privilege and an opportunity for brand awareness. However, you have to be savvy to avoid dragging your name into something negative. As I mentioned above, think about your answers very well to veer away from negative feedback.

Remember, your answer could represent who you are and what you do, so make sure that you provide impressive insights. In some instances, there are people who will not agree with your answers. Take it professionally. Defend and support your answers in a professional way and your most vocal commenters could be your loyal subscribers. Take this as an example:

Twitter chat sample

Establish Authority

Authority is important to make your business stand out from the rest. Perhaps, you also desire to be one of your industry’s top influencers. Joining live chats in Twitter let you build your authority by letting others know your expertise and how knowledgeable you are in such field. With live chats, you build credibility and increase reputation, hence, you are not only making a name but you are making a reputable name which consumers can trust and other businesses can collaborate with.

Furthermore, there are Twitter chat admins or hosts that curate answers and turn into great content. This can be a free exposure for your brand when you answer the questions well.

Currate Answers

Take Action:

The more you share your knowledge, the better. Attend or participate in Twitter chats regularly to increase your influence. If you are a regular participant in live chats, it is possible that you will be invited by chat admins to be a guest expert which can increase your credibility.

Likewise, do not be afraid to share your opinion if you think there are some answers that are quite not right. In refuting answers of other participants, do it in a nice and in a professional manner.

Build Relationship And Generate Leads

Twitter chat is an opportunity for businesses to increase followers and nurture relationship between existing consumers and prospects ones. Joining live chats on Twitter will attract more followers coming from your industry. Furthermore, with Twitter chat, you can engage and encourage existing consumers and prospect ones to do business with you. There are about 34% of marketers who use Twitter to generate leads. When you know how to use Twitter chats effectively, it is easier for you to market or promote your brand.

Build Relationship

Take Action:

Consistency is the key. Engage in Twitter chats frequently to increase followers. The more you engage in live chats, the more you increase followers since your answers will be live to every participant and audience.

Subtly, you can also promote or launch products without being too “salesy”. Find the right timing to promote your business or insert links without offending other participants.

Engage in Twitter chats frequently

Source Of Blog Topics

You probably have experienced a time when you run out of good blog topics to write about. More than promoting your business, engaging in Twitter chats is an educational experience. While you are in the middle of a conversation you may encounter certain issues which give you an idea for your next blog post.

Take Action:

Live chats can be part of a good content strategy. When you are engaging in a conversation, make sure to pay attention to the answer of others and the supporting details. Oftentimes, there answers which you never heard of but makes sense. These are the answers which can be used as sources of blog topics.

Overall, Twitter chat is beneficial for your business. It may be a bit complicated to start at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize it is actually enjoyable and very efficient in growing your business online. So pick your favorite Twitter chat now, participate and hopefully, you will have a good time chatting.