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Swipp Polls For Facebook Allows Page Admins To Create, Track Polls Directly Via Timelines


Creating polls is one of the many ways to foster engagement on Facebook pages, and new application Swipp Polls for Facebook allows page administrators to do so directly via their pages’ Timelines.

Page admins using the Swipp Polls for Facebook app can create, post, share, and track polls directly via their pages’ Timelines, with the ability to view results in infographic form and by location, age, and gender.

Facebook users voting on polls created by the app use a sliding scale to express their feelings on the topic or question within a range of minus five to five.

Swipp also recently added an email insights tool, a WordPress plugin, and social widgets to its Swipp Social Intelligence Platform.

Swipp CEO Don Thorson said in a release announcing Swipp Polls for Facebook:

This is a powerful, economical way to reach not just your core community, but extended parties, as well. When anyone answers a question in Swipp, the poll is published to their wall. As friends join in, it spreads your ideas to a wider community.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Charlie Costantini added:

Businesses have spent years building a following and collecting likes, but the return on investment is often unclear. Swipp helps satisfy that need with a tool that gets people talking.

Readers: Have you ever answered polls on Facebook pages you have liked?

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