Sweet Hosting with Vid Luther


In May of 2011, Social Media Week decided it was time to make a hosting service change. We were simply unsatisfied with our hosting solution. Frequent outages, slow page loads, and lousy customer service, we unfortunately all too common.

Thankfully we were recommended to check out a new startup called ZippyKid, the most reliable WordPress hosting service for businesses and developers. As many of you are aware, socialmediaweek.org is built on WordPress. At that time, ZippyKid had just closed a funding round, and only had 7 other clients post funding, but due to the impressive track record and resume of its founder, Vid Luther, we decided to move forward with ZippyKid.

To this day, we are still very thankful for our decision. ZippyKid has now grown to 4,000 clients in just 3 years. They are the thought leaders when it comes to performance and optimization of WordPress sites. WordPress sites are capable of handing 20 times their average daily traffic when they run on the ZippyKid system.

As the Global Web Hosting Partner for Social Media Week 2013, ZippyKid is celebrating by offering one month of free Managed WordPress Hosting. Sign up at www.ZippyKid.com and use promo code “SMW13” when you upgrade.

We were able sit down with the hosting visionary, ZippyKid’s founder, Vid Luther, to talk to us about the latest trends in hosting services. Check out what he had to say.

SMW: Hi Vid, at the most basic level, what are some of the most important considerations for folks who are deciding on what’s the most appropriate hosting solution?

Vid Luther: In my opinion, you should never pay less than a steak dinner for your hosting. Here’s why:

+ Your website is like your receptionist, it’s the first impression people make of your business. All pages should load consistently, 24×7. No exceptions.
+ Do you want to spend time tweaking server settings or content?
+ When you run into issues, will the hosting provider send you a link to Google? or will they be able to inspect your code and make some recommendations that your developer can make?

SMW: What are the best approaches to integrating social media into your wordpress website?

Vid Luther: I’m not a social media guy, so this answer may not mean much, but I find the Jetpack “publicize” feature very handy. It allows us to update our social media profiles when we update our site, it also seems to have google authorship stuff built in, which is apparently good for SEO.

From a technical perspective, well written code that has the ability to function properly if the social media site/api is down, is best.

SMW: What do you anticipate coming down the pipeline for wordpress to further enhance social media integration?

Vid Luther: Things like WordPress.com connect should be interesting, they’ll allow visitors who are already commenters on sites hosted by VIP (techcrunch.com, etc) to comment on sites hosted with companies like ours. It’ll make migration easier. Now imagine being able to do this with your pinterest/facebook/google+ accounts. The key is to start thinking of WordPress less as a CMS, but more of a publishing platform. Once you do that, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of users.

SMW: What’s in the innovation pipeline for Zippykid over the next few months?

Vid Luther: We have a lot of stuff in the works, but we can’t reveal all of them yet. Some of the changes before 2014 starts are related to our partnership with Google. It should make your website render a lot faster. Over the past few years, we and the WordPress community have grown up quite a bit as well, so we’ll be changing some things to reflect those changes.

Lastly, we have something huge planned for Q1 2014.

SMW: Are you able to sleep during Social Media Week to ensure there are no outages leading up to and during the events?

Vid Luther: If you had asked this question in 2012, the answer would’ve been no, but things have changed quite a bit. We have much better processes and systems in place, that do allow us to sleep 🙂 We host some very popular websites, so we’ve seen surges of around 10,000 requests per second. We’ve been able to learn from those spikes and make our systems much more resilient for other websites.

A big thanks to ZippyKid for all they do to help us keep Social Media Week running smoothly. It’s a company you’ll want to take note of; and enjoy the sweet deal.

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