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SURVEY: 33 Percent Of Millennials Prefer Identity Theft To Revealing Facebook Histories


TunnelBear650From the “Take this with a grain of salt” department: According to a survey (of just 250 adults) conducted by Google for virtual-private-network application provider TunnelBear, 33 percent of millennials would rather be victims of identity theft than reveal the histories of their activities on Facebook.

That 33 percent figure was double that for all other demographic groups combined.

TunnelBear also found that 44 percent of respondents aged 18 through 24 would least want their parents to see their Internet histories, and 37 percent of the 25 through 34 group answered that question with their bosses. Meanwhile, 44 percent of those 35 and older said they would least want the government to see their Internet histories.

TunnelBear Co-Founder Ryan Dochuk offered the following security tips:

  • Get in the habit of signing out of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and other social networks when you’re done using them, even on your personal computer. Not only does it protect someone from logging into a social network from your computer, it starts a good habit for when you are using a public or friend’s computer.
  • Use two-step authentication for Gmail. The extra step may seem like a pain, but in the long run, it provides an extra level of protection for your personal information.
  • Be smart about public Wi-Fi. Odds are you are going to use a public Wi-Fi network when you’re on the go. A simple way to protect your data while away from home is through a privacy app like TunnelBear that blocks ads, scripts, cookies, and social buttons that track online activity.
  • Put a passcode on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. To keep your personal information safe from those around you, use a password to protect your devices.
  • Keep your social presence clean. It’s not just about who you search, but what you share and who you share it with. Make sure your social profiles are not only private, but cleaned up and presentable to future employers, parents, and friends.

Readers: Would you rather reveal your Facebook histories or be the victims of identity theft?

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