Summer Project for Teachers: Upgrade to Prezi


Teachers who have yet to re-purpose their content on Prezi now have the PowerPoint Import tool to streamline the process. PPT Import makes the transition to using Prezi easier since you can work with old content, but rearrange the information in a more visually compelling form. All text and images in the slides are still editable after you import them.

A few easy steps can be taken to turn the slides into better presentations such as increasing the text size of big ideas to outline lectures and then zoom in on details or focusing on a central image to give better context. Prezi is also useful for situations such as analyzing pictures or graphs. Instead of using a laser pointer to highlight specific details, you can simply zoom in on the important content.

You can insert a few slides or a whole presentation in just a few easy steps. For a quick introduction to the feature and to see how Powerpoint can be easily translated to Prezi, check out the feature’s information page:

PPT Import is a great way for teachers to revamp their classroom presentations to make them more accessible. Student engagement can be increased with a presentation that guides the attention of the viewer well through the content. Prezi facilitates the creation of lectures that are more dynamic and context-oriented. Below is a great prezi on different methods for using Prezi in the classroom.

If you are looking to update your presentations over the summer, taking the extra step and converting them to Prezi will definitely be worth your time.