Such Great Heights: Nokia Powering SMW13 This September


With each edition of Social Media Week, we strive to improve. From bringing more interactive events to increasing diversity, we see SMW as an immersive experience. Over the past 3 years, our global headline sponsor Nokia has collaborated with us to make SMW better.

With our Travel Award Program, we’re bringing an international experience to more of our community. With Nokia’s SMW Reporters, we’re seeing the week through new eyes. With the Official SMW Mobile App, you can stay connected on the go. And with SMW Live, everyone anywhere can join in the conversation.

This September, Nokia is taking SMW13 to an entirely new level. In addition to giving 8 SMW Reporters the opportunity to take part in SMW in another country and sponsoring our Travel Awards for 3 lucky individuals, the collaborations are bringing something unique to our cities.

In Berlin, London, LA and Mumbai, attendees will have the ability to stay powered up and not miss any content through interactive art installations at the main hubs. We’ll also be working together to highlight what makes these 4 cities stand out through our Official Photo Walks, with a focus on a car-free LA to zooming in on Berlin. Plus, the best photographer during the walk will score a free Lumia 1020- what’s not to love about that.

But that’s not all. Nokia is continuing their emphasis on hands-on and practical knowledge with their Masterclass series. These classes were huge hits this past February- and you won’t want to miss out them.

This September there are more ways than ever for you to take part — all thanks to Nokia.

Download the app; bookmark SMW Live; and then make sure you’re in the know as we reveal how this is unfolding in each city and globally. Follow SMW on Twitter and Facebook and on our blog. Show our support to Nokia by following them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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