Stupid Selfies Taking Over Online [INFOGRAPHIC]


Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.28.59 PMSelfies were never the mark of the online mastermind, but they’ve gone far beyond the oft-mocked duck face and background poo to a place from which they can likely never return.

No, there isn’t one distasteful selfie variety to point to and support this assertion, unfortunately – there are many.

We have the woman who (allegedly) shot a selfie to include a man about to commit suicide in the background, for starters. This is probably an exaggeration – probably. But is it THAT improbable with people posing for smiling selfies at funerals?

It’s gotten so ridiculously self-centered, it was the perfect target for the United Nations Foundation #unselfie campaign that ended yesterday. People were asked to take a picture of themselves holding a sign that encourages others to donate to charity as part of #GivingTuesday. It doesn’t appear to have been the most successful piece of the campaign though. Not surprising.

The folks at Two Little Fleas took a closer look at the selfie trend and uncovered a few popular ones you may not be aware of (and hopefully haven’t done) – like the ‘belfie’ (otherwise known as a self-taken picture of one’s butt).

BUT that’s not all:

After looking into Google Trends data, we found a massive rise for internet searches for the term over the past month, a 150% increase to be exact, and wanted to put something together to visualize the sub-genres that have spawned from this trend.

Check out the Infographic below, courtesy of Two Little Fleas, to see for yourself just how stupid this whole seflie phenomenon has become. And then take go take that belfie.


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