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STUDY: Promoted Posts By Facebook Pages Have No Effect On Organic Results


When Facebook pages turn to promoted posts, does it have any effect on their organic results in terms of their posts appearing in users’ News Feeds? No, according to a random study of 5,000 promoted posts by 1,500 pages, conducted by Facebook analytics provider Wise Metrics.

Wise Metrics compared the organic reach of promoted posts with those pages’ past 10 non-promoted posts and found barely any difference.

The analytics provider also compared the results of promoted posts with non-promoted posts sent afterwards and arrived at similar results.

What about negative feedback? According to Wise Metrics’ findings, negative feedback on promoted posts had no effect on future non-promoted posts, meaning that pages were not penalized.

Wise Metrics wrote in a blog post discussing its study:

Indeed, the median relationship between promoted and non-promoted is really close to the y=x line, meaning that for 1,000 organic impressions when not paying, we get 1,000 organic impressions when paying. If anything, small promoted posts (a few hundred impressions) are getting a better share of organic impressions than they would, would they not have been promoted.

EdgeRank is dead, long live EdgeRank! Even if it’s not named EdgeRank anymore, the 100K knobs model has still been built by Facebook engineers, and at some point, they did decide to filter out effects from promoted posts … or not.

This time, for each promoted post, we compared impressions from posts immediately before to those immediately after, and here again, impressions before and after promoted posts are at the same level. All of the extra buzz one gets from a promoted post doesn’t translate into improved visibility for future posts.

Brands shouldn’t be afraid of promoting posts, and apparently, there’s no need to wait for a post to wear down. Promoting it early won’t cannibalize organic results. If promoting a post won’t help you increase your future audience, at least it doesn’t hurt.

Readers: What did you think of Wise Metrics’ findings?

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