STUDY: Facebook’s Role In Pew Research Center’s ‘State Of The News Media 2014’


PewNewsFromSocialNets650Facebook and other social networks continue to become further intertwined with the media, as the State of the News Media 2014 report, released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project found that 50 percent of social network users share or repost news stories, images, or videos, while 46 percent discuss news or current events on their networks, and 11 percent have submitted their own content to news websites or blogs.

Pew reiterated its findings from a report earlier this month that Internet users who arrive at the 26 news websites it analyzed by directly typing in those sites’ URLs or via bookmarks spend far more time on those sites, view more pages, and return more times per month that Internet users who arrive via Facebook.

Other Facebook-related findings by Pew included:

  • Overall, three out of every 10 U.S. adults get at least some news while on Facebook.
  • 78 percent of Facebook users see news while they are on the social network for other reasons.
  • Only 34 percent of Facebook news consumers like news organizations or individual journalists, which Pew interprets to mean that most of the news they see on the social network is shared by their friends.
  • Facebook news consumers reported seeing entertainment news the most, followed by “people and events in my community,” sports, national government/politics, crime, health/medicine, and local government/politics.
  • News consumers on LinkedIn were high earners and college-educated, while those from Twitter were younger than those from Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.
  • Facebook news consumers were more likely to be female than those from YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And Pew said in the introduction to State of the News Media 2014:

The year also brought more evidence than ever that news is a part of the explosion of social media and mobile devices, and in a way that could offer opportunity to reach more people with news than ever before. One-half of Facebook users get news there even though they did not go there looking for it. And the Facebook users who get news at the highest rates are 18- to-29-year-olds. The same is true for the growth area of online video. One-half of those who watch some kind of online video watch news videos. Again, young people constitute the greatest portion of these viewers.

Readers: How do your news consumption habits on Facebook stack up with Pew’s findings?