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STUDY: Facebook Still Tops In Social Login, But Market Share Slipping As Google Plus Sign-In Gains


Facebook is still dominant when it comes to social login, but its share of the sector slipped slightly in the third quarter, as Google Plus Sign-In began to chip away at its lead, according to a study by user-management platform Janrain.

Janrain found that Facebook led the pack in the third quarter, at 45 percent, followed by Google Plus at 33 percent, with both of those social networks far ahead of Twitter (7 percent), Yahoo (7 percent), LinkedIn (2 percent), Microsoft Windows (2 percent), and other (4 percent).


However, both Facebook and Google Plus slipped slightly in the third quarter when compared with the second quarter.


Janrain said of its results:

Despite the possible perception that this is a two-horse race, it is critical to note the diversity of consumer preferences on different types of sites. LinkedIn, for example, enjoys substantial popularity on sites that cater toward business professionals. Why? A majority of us maintain our professional online identity on LinkedIn and would prefer to project that persona for ourselves when interacting on B2B websites. When using this identity to register on B2B sites, consumers can choose to grant the website access to their LinkedIn profile information, including a verified email address, first and last name, company name, job title, and industry. The site can then use this information to conveniently pre-populate a sign-up form, which eliminates the need for consumers to fill out the form from scratch or enter lots of redundant professional details about themselves.

We also have observed disparate preferences across geographic regions. For example, Hyves contends with Facebook as the most popular social network in the Netherlands, and social login preferences on Dutch websites substantiate that notion. In Brazil and India, Orkut is a popular identity provider for social login, while in China, Sina Weibo and Renren maintain popularity. Mixi is a common social login choice in Japan, while vKontakte is preferred in Russia.

Despite its slightly decreased share across all Janrain customer websites, Facebook still leads other social networks and email providers across prominent industry verticals including media, retail, entertainment and gaming, consumer brands, and music-related sites. Its popularity is especially pronounced on entertainment, gaming, and retail and consumer brand sites. Google is performing well as the second-most-favored portable identity provider, but it has experienced the most significant growth among consumer brands and B2B sites.

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