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STUDY: 7 Percent Of Facebook Brand Page Posts Are Considered Spam


According to a recent survey among 9,000 Facebook brand pages, 7 percent of all posts published are considered spammy by the users. It is Komfo – a social media marketing suite provider – who has conducted the research and it further shows that the spammy posts lead to a significant decrease of the reach of the pages.

How Facebook Determines Spam

The exact Facebook algorithms defining spam are as well hidden secret as the Coca-Cola recipe and there is an obvious reason for that – spammers should not learn how to game the system. What we know is that Facebook constantly observes the users’ behavior and interactions with posts in order to recognize patterns and create an algorithm that determines discrepancies.

There are three ways a user can give negative feedback to a page which will cause your spam score to increase:

  • Marking a post from your page as spam
  • Hiding a post from your page
  • Unliking your page through a post

All three activities will typically occur when the user scrolls down his or her newsfeed from which these actions can be taken.

High Spam Score, Low Reach

In any of those cases, your spam score will increase and this will lower your reach. This applies not only to the post that was marked as spammy, but to all of the page’s activities and thus harms your results in the long run. It can even cause your page to be shut down. The bad news is that it is hard to get an overview of what posts and how many of them were marked as spam or hidden/unliked via the Facebook insights. The good news is that there is a tool out there that can provide you with this valuable info.

Komfo CEO Rasmus Møller-Nielsen discussed the importance of keeping an eye on feedback:

From our talks with community managers we have realized that only a minor fraction monitor how spammy their posts are and take it into consideration in their content planning. It is crucial for community managers to increase their spam awareness in order to increase their reach and in the end their return on investment. 

How to Avoid Becoming a Spammer?

There may be many reasons for you to unintentionally become one of the “bad guys,” but here are some basic things to avoid in your everyday community management:

  • Too many marketing posts. People look for conversations on Facebook and they don’t want to become a victim of your marketing team. Be delicate when trying to sell anything on Facebook, otherwise there will be fan revenge.
  • Abusive information. There is no need to comment on this one. The crowd will punish any discrimination or other form of offense.
  • Irrelevant posts. It is nice sometimes to just chat with your fans on some random topics, but don’t go too far and try to keep focus on topics related to your brand.
  • Too frequent posts. Have you ever met someone on the street that doesn’t stop talking and talking for hours? No matter how interesting you found the topic in the beginning, you just get tired and eventually stop listening. Trying too hard to post all the time may result into losing your fans’ interest and they can shut you down by a simple click on the “hide” button.

Readers: What are the situations when you felt spammed as a user? Can you add some more tips to the list?

Roza Tsvetkova is one of Komfo‘s passionate team members and she has worked with social media for more than 6 years in both the U.S. and Europe. You can reach Roza on Twitter, @RozaTsvetkova.

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