Storify week in review: March 22


It’s March Madness, meaning all eyes are on college basketball. Meanwhile, other stories this week include Obama’s visit to Israel and a big wedding for the New York financial sector

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Fri, Mar 22 2013 16:24:59

It’s now mid-March, meaning the annual celebration of college basketball known as March Madness has tipped off. Everyone’s got an opinion on who will come out on top of the field of 64 teams. Even U.S. President Barack Obama gets in on the act with a prediction bracket:
Storify user Dave Trifunov of the Global Post pulled together some of the reaction around the web to Obama’s picks, which he noted were all in key swing states: Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State and Florida.
But some politicians in Washington took issue with the president spending his time on basketball:
There were many other stories about March Madness, including general roundups of the action like this one by CBC, or Storify stories focusing on specific schools or games like this take on the Gophers-UCLA matchup by the Saint Paul Pioneer press.
To follow all the action around the NCAA basketball tournament, you can search on Storify to find stories and media collected for terms like “tournament,” which can then be used in your own stories.
The president wasn’t just watching basketball — he also visited the Middle East this week and NBC News sent their political director Chuck Todd along, who was commenting on the trip and answering questions from viewers that the network collected in a Storify story.
On a totally different topic, we’re always on the lookout for Storify weddings, where people create a social media wedding album by bringing together comments and photos from the people who were there. 
By pulling together photos from the guests who were there, the Times story gave an insider view into the event the public may have otherwise missed:
!!!!!! Los Blankfeins !!!!!! @cristinaros @ablankfein #nofilter ·
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