Storify week in review: April 5


This week’s stories went from silly to somber, kicking off with one of the Internet’s favorite holidays and ending with the loss of one of its icons.

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Fri, Apr 05 2013 18:41:10

Fool me once, shame on the Web

April Fool’s Day has become something of a spectacle on the Internet each year, with big brands and companies trying to outdo themselves with more and more ridiculous announcements. 
This year, Google went all-out, showcasing a smell-themed search, a blue version of Gmail, and trolling YouTube with an announcement that it was closing down. Here’s one of our favorite stories recapping the best of April Fool’s:
Later, we gave this week’s Clever Award to a very creative job seeker after spotting these tweets from some of the staff over at @NPR: 
Awesome job, Daisy! Best of luck with the application (we’ll be rooting for you 🙂

North Korea via Instagram

The most fascinating story of the week for many was from The Globe and Mail. The result of Storifying the Instagram photos of an AP photographer’s North Korea visit created a stark, almost unsettling view of everyday life there. In just over two days, the story took in over 800,000 views.

The balcony is closed

On a sad note, legendary film critic Roger Ebert lost his battle with cancer at the age of 70 this week. The response online was tremendous, and we saw a flood of stories paying tribute or watching as the web mourned.
This gives me feels. #siskel #ebert #atthemovies ·
Steven Taing
Did you spot or Storify any unique takes on these topics yourself? As always, let us know what you’re seeing throughout the week via @Storify, and thanks for telling your stories.

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