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Storify by Livefyre has worked with Twitter to feature publisher articles that include embedded Storify content

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Thu, Oct 17 2013 10:43:18

Today we have great news for publishers using Storify! Embedded Storify stories will now be part of Twitter’s related headlines, increasing distribution and driving traffic to major publishers’ content online.

Helping tell the story behind a tweet

A month ago, Twitter announced a new related headlines section of Tweets as a way to connect Tweets to major stories or articles that contain them on the web. 
Tweets are often at the center of breaking news, but many times they also have a story to tell:
@richarddeitsch The day my wife woke up after her double-lung/heart transplant. ·
Ryan Kaltenbach
Anyone viewing the permalink page on a Tweet sees a section linking to content from approved publishers where the tweet’s been embedded. Related headlines help Twitter (and content publishers) tell the story behind the tweet.
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Now, Storify stories will also appear in the related headlines section of a Tweet. In addition to the news articles where a Tweet has been embedded, content from approved publishers using Storify will be shown.

Just embed Storify stories into your articles as you’ve always done — if the article is helping tell the story behind the Tweets in it, Twitter will give related headline attribution to your website.

A big win for publishers using Storify

We’ve been working with Twitter to enable this deeper connection between Storify stories and Tweets for some time, starting with the recent move to the Embedded Tweets format in Storify stories. As part of this effort, we wanted to make sure your websites get more readers. The traffic to these links will always go to the article on a publisher’s site, not
For instance, NPR News recently Storified its readers’ thoughts on the afterlife, including Embedded Tweets like this one:

#nprafterlife A beautiful reconnection with everyone we’ve ever loved. No suffering. A great swell of love, understanding and endless peace.

As you can see on Twitter, the related headlines for this tweet are driving others right to the NPR News story it’s embedded in.
Likewise for this tweet, Storified by the Weather Channel:
Even with a nor’easter raging, nature can still deliver some beautiful scenes #ncwx #obxwx ·
Martin Cornick
Anyone coming across it on Twitter can see how it contributed to the Weather Channel’s recent storm coverage thanks to related headlines.
We’ve worked with Twitter to ensure major Storify publishers will be included in the related headlines section of Tweets. This list of publishers is constantly growing, and if you want to be part of it, you can apply with Twitter here.
Overall, this is a big win for publishers who use Storify, combining Storify’s ease-of-use for putting together content with the distribution and traffic-boosting benefits of Twitter’s related headlines.
Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy, and thanks for telling your story (and the story behind Tweets) with Storify.

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