Storify acquired by Livefyre


The Storify product and team have joined Livefyre to enhance both services’ offerings.

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Mon, Sep 09 2013 15:12:42

Storify acquired by Livefyre ·
We’re thrilled to announce we’re starting a new chapter in the Storify story. We’ve been acquired by Livefyre and are joining forces to create the world’s leading social curation company.

Powering Social Everywhere

Three years ago, we created Storify with some important goals in mind: Amplify the voices that matter. Find meaning in the noise. Make the web tell a story.

This remains true today. We still firmly believe that social media is changing not only the news but fundamentally how media works everywhere, and we’ve seen this reflected in the stories that more than 850,000 Storify users have created so far.

How Social Media is Changing the News: Xavier Damman at TEDxBrussels ·

Livefyre’s mission is to “power social everywhere.” They started by building a commenting system for websites, and are now powering real-time conversation and social curation for more than 400 major publishers, media companies and brands online. Their network sees more than 1 billion pageviews per month.

By joining Livefyre, we’ll become part of a larger company with more resources, a strong technical infrastructure and experienced enterprise sales team. Storify will be able to give journalists, bloggers, publishers, brands and agencies even more of the features they’ve been asking for.

Together with Livefyre’s StreamHub, we can offer a complete suite of products to help our users do much more. We believe our united products are a perfect match, offering the best social storytelling, curation and user engagement tools anywhere.

Some things change (but most things stay the same)

We understand the amazing community of storytellers using Storify is what got us to this point. We couldn’t be more grateful for this, which is why we won’t be changing our free social storytelling product. Also, our current Business and VIP customers will continue to have access to the features included in these subscriptions. 

In the future, we plan to integrate Storify’s VIP product into Livefyre’s enterprise offerings, giving publishers and brands an easy way to blend social media into everything they do. This means we’ll be able to add long-requested features like single sign-on, centralized story and editor management, and engagement analytics.

Finally, the entire Storify team is joining the Livefyre family in their San Francisco headquarters. (Just down the street from our previous office!)

Our story is just beginning, but as always, we thank you for using Storify to tell yours.


Xavier Damman, Burt Herman and the entire Storify team

The story is only beginning… this morning we welcome @storify to the @livefyre family. ·
Jordan Kretchmer

Congrats @storify founders @burtherman @xdamman. Nice acquisition @livefyre. Best way to tell the story? Storify!

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