StartupU Episode Nine: Why won’t anyone build an actual working product?


Last night’s episode of StartupU couldn’t be called the calm before the storm. It was more like the total freakout before the fall.

After seven weeks of manufacturing bizarre activities to try to teach the “students” how to be entrepreneurs, Tim Draper is about to throw them to the wolves. Wolves being in this case 40 “world famous” VCs (of whom we recognized one) who are going to demolish their pitches if the VCs are remotely professional or honest.

Startups frequently get demolished at TechCrunch Disrupt, at PandoLand, or on Shark Tank by the judges even when they have an actual working product. Sometimes even when they have revenues. Almost none of these students have either. It’s unclear that many of them even know if — or how — their idea might work…

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