Startups to Watch at SXSWi 2014




Another year, another crop of upstart startups looking to use South by Southwest as a springboard to success. So what’s different this year?

Once again, if you go in expected to see the next Twitter, you’ll probably leave disappointed. In fact, looking back over the past few years, SXSWi hasn’t produced a hot new startup in a while. That doesn’t stop dozens of new firms from attempting to make their mark on the event, which is now in its 20th year

“The longer we’re all in this business and the longer the business evolves, people get smarter, and understand that the more specific the needs are, the more specific the company is to address the needs, the more success there is,” says Hugh Forrest, director of SXSW Interactive. “I think that is a big of an indication of an evolving, maturing marketplace.” Read more…

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