Startup U, Episode Six: Survival week!


“What the fuck is he doing?” — David Kram

We’re all wondering, David. We’re all wondering.

It’s week six of StartupU or as Tim Draper calls it: Survival week! It’s billed as a week where the students have to go into the great outdoors with a muscled up army trained survival expert named Roc.

Roc, we are told, will push them past their breaking point.

As Draper said, “It’s a metaphor for getting the students into a place where they are going into the unknown.” Which isn’t actually a metaphor… but let’s move on.

It would be easy to say– as Paul yelled at the screen — “Oh great, another week where they make no progress on their companies!” Or worry it was going to an extra culty place. Roc upped Tim Draper’s creepy “split up California” tie with a shirt that seemed to read “The Draper Minute Men” and bore the tea party’s “Don’t Tread on Me” snake. Okay… Then there was writing your fears on boards and breaking them, and the “coming up after the commercial” preview of Tim walking into and just standing in a campfire, outstretching his arms like the Messiah…

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