Startup U, Episode Seven: A glimmer of hope


I missed last week’s StartupU because I was in the hospital with pneumonia. 

Sure, I had a TV in my room, but the doctor advised me against anything that would cause me to yell at the screen. So, I decided my review could wait a week.

Maybe it’s the medicine. Maybe it’s my new appreciation for life post-illness. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t watch the episode with Paul. But whatever the case, this week, I actually found something I genuinely like about this show — at long last, some seven episodes in.

Something real, something genuine. The first glimmer I’ve had that anyone has gotten any value out of the thousands of dollars they’ve spent to attend this “university.”

I’m talking about the relationship between Erin, Carly, and Ana. I like each of them as people. I think they all have a lot of character and ability and I think they’ll do well in life. I want them to. In fact, I like almost everything about these three…

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