Starting up again: My transition from entrepreneur to Prezi data analyst


Marton Trencseni, Data Engineer, Budapest

Hi, I’m Marton and I’m one half of Prezi’s two-person Data Services team. My day-to-day work with my teammate, Zoltan Toth, is aimed at enabling the entire Prezi organization to be truly data-driven. Our goal is to get others to use all the data we have and to ask the right questions and make better product decisions. We spend all day thinking about how to make our data infrastructure better, bigger, and faster.

My job is a challenging and exciting one. I get to spend a lot of my time building fun projects from scratch while learning new technologies. Before joining Prezi, I was involved in a startup of my own that never took off. Coming out of that experience, I had mixed feelings when I started looking for a job. I was afraid I would not fit in at a “regular job” after being an entrepreneur and my own boss for three years. At the same time, I didn’t want to join an early-stage startup. I’d had enough of that roller coaster lifestyle for a while. Prezi seemed to be a good middle ground–still a fun startup, but past the very risky early stages, with a steady cash flow, a headcount of around 100, and a nice office. Prezi was an exciting but stable startup opportunity with great people where I could both contribute and learn a lot.