Stand Out From the Crowd: Our 4 Event Submission Tips


Twice a year, we open up our site for your creativity and ideas to flood SMW. It’s one of our favorite parts of hosting Social Media Week around the globe. You, our community, have submitted some incredible event ideas and executed them wonderfully. From Destination Accelerator bringing us an in-depth look at how travel and publishing are evolving to Micrometrajes bringing us the first Twitter Haikus with

Now that event submissions are open, how can you take your idea to the next level? We have a few tips from veterans that have kept us in awe.

  1. Make it fun or inspirational.
    Pull us in with emotion! The same things that work for viral content work for events. We want to laugh and smile or be inspired and challenged. So bring it to us. Events that feed on our emotions are big draws for our crowds.

    For example, this past SMW NYC, our partners MKG pulled together a group of 10 highly-creative individuals in a mobile app show-n-tell. It kept the crowd laughing and highlighted some tools that we can all use.

    Moral of the story- don’t take the event too serious. Make it fun or inspiring, and we’ll be talking about your event next year.

  2. Give back.
    While we don’t want you talking over our heads, it’s helpful to provide a bit of advanced knowledge and insight. When crafting your event, ensure you have at least three solid takeaways that your audience can use.

    Google+ did this with their event this past February. Providing their audience with solid tips on how their product could be incorporated in meaningful ways and highlighting case studies of other brands using the tool, proved a hit throughout the week. It was a practical, informative, and helpful event that armed the attendees with new knowledge.

    Keep yourself off This Is Not An Insight, and your audience will love you.

  3. Be diverse.
    It’s a diverse world. Show us a bit of it on stage. Make sure the speakers and on-stage participants not only know what they’re talking about but also represent the diversity we find in the world. We like seeing representations of ourselves on stage; give us more of it.

    And don’t limit yourself to just your participants. Your event format could be as diverse as you want. We’ve seen quiz panels, interviews, ungroups, attendee case studies, and more.

    For example, Hamburg hosted a special workshop for youth, helping them developing tech skills. Bangalore hosted a special dinner, all while chatting how technology has changed the food industry. Don’t limit yourself. We love switching up how we present various topics.

  4. Get off the beaten path.
    Sure, content marketing is a hot topic, and we all love BuzzFeed. But that doesn’t mean every event needs to focus on it. Think of the insights that took your game to the next level and how you can share that. Was it really understanding SEO or learning to code? Are you fascinated by how wearable tech works? These were popular topics in New York and Lagos this year.

    Social Media Week looks at all the ways that technology and humanity meet.

As you craft your event idea, think of these components. Think how you can make your event title more fun and inspiring; how you can change up who is participating and ultimately, what you’re giving our community. You’re a big part of that community. Let’s help it grow and be better together. We can’t wait to see what comes out of SMW14! Get creative, and get your events in today.

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