Sprint’s Virgin Mobile Prepaid Service Offering Facebook-Only Data Plan


SprintLogo650A Facebook-only data plan? It’s one of the options being offered by Sprint’s Virgin Mobile prepaid service, but it is only available via retail giant Walmart.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the base offering from Walmart, which starts at $ 6.98 per month, includes 20 minutes of talk time and 20 texts, and users can customize their data packages and talk and text options.

Among the options, according to the Journal: Unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest costs another $ 5 per month, or a package of all four social networks carries a $ 15 monthly price tag.

In addition, $ 5 more per month gives users unlimited streaming of one music application that they can choose, the Journal reported. And parents can restrict which apps their kids can use on their devices.

Sprint President of Prepaid Dow Draper told the Journal that rather than paying for data, users can pay for the apps they use the most, adding that the wireless carrier chose the apps that are included in the packages because they are the most heavily used, and more options could be made available in the future. He said:

This is really just part of a broader effort toward customization. (Sprint being paid by the included apps is) definitely possible, but we have not gone down that path yet.

Readers: What are your thoughts on these offerings by Sprint and Virgin Mobile?