Sprinklr Acquires Pluck


​Sprinklr announces today that it is acquiring Pluck from Demand Media. Pluck has a community platform that boasts customers like Mattel, Walgreens and L’Oreal, and emphasizes Sprinklr’s desire to increase its breadth of solutions in content management. 

This is the third acquisition Sprinklr has made in the past 12 months; previous acquisitions included Dachis Group and Branderati. Demand Media, once the high-flying new model of a media company, made the sale for undisclosed terms.

I caught up with Sprinklr CEO and founder, Ragy Thomas, last week before the acquisition was announced. 

“We’re not just about listening anymore, but we have created a broad social infrastructure. Point solutions are just not working out for any client.” Thomas also sees “lots of opportunities in this space” for further acquisitions but “none of them have evolved to be platforms.” 

Two weeks ago, Sprinklr announced a broad partnership with SAP and its Hybris E-Commerce solution, matching the popular SAP marketing cloud with Sprinklr’s listening and management capabilities. 

Clearly the many disparate “point solutions” will need to expand quickly or fall victim to Sprinklr’s ability to provide social managers with a broader suite.

Thomas, not known for shyness, stated, “We’re a very ambitious company and we have a very clear vision for our future.”

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