London is a fabulous place – we love it because it’s vibrant, it’s buzzing and it never stops. But sometimes this can give us the feeling that we never stop – and that can be exhausting. In an age where technology is encroaching more and more on every aspect of our lives, it makes sense that we should seek solace in moments of calm.

If, like us, you believe wellbeing starts from being kind to yourself, then take a look at our top events in March. Nurture your inner being, and you’ll soon be glowing on the outside!

Banana, Blackcurrent & Peanut Butter Millet - Porridge Cafe

EAT: At the Porridge Cafe,

Paul Street (near Old Street), open throughout March – porridgecafe.com

We’re constantly told how important breakfast is, and yet so many of us skip this essential meal. Well, now those willing to travel East have no excuse not to give themselves the best chance possible. The Porridge cafe is due to open on 2nd March, serving unusual, exciting and tasty variations of this super breakfast food that is high in fibre and protein, has a low GI, and will stave off the munchies until lunch.With a daily changing menu, you can pick from the likes of Blueberry, Ginger and Cashew Butter, and Passionfruit, Coconut and Agave Nectar, and they also serve risotto in the afternoon. Plus did you know eating porridge regularly can help reduce stress? We’ll have two bowls!

UNITE: For International Woman’s Day

Wellness Morning with Mira & Melody, Hoxton Hotel, Holborn Sunday 8th March 10am.

Energise your body with Jivamukti yoga, then nourish your soul (and your stomach!) with a superfood brunch that encourages women to band together and #MakeItHappen. First of all challenge yourself with Melody – a trained Jivamukti instructor who strongly believes that yoga has the potential to energise, empower and transform lives. This dynamic class will focus on fluidity, flow and mindful breathing, after which Mira’s delicious Indian treats await. Taste the likes of sweet saffron porridge, cardamon chia pudding and savoury pancakes, all featured in her first recipe book Green Daal Stories, which focuses on her love of wellbeing, travel and the importance of family.

Tickets are £10 (and you get a goodie bag of Mira’s spice bites to go!) – more information here They have more wellness mornings coming up – so sign up to her newsletter.

PRACTICE: Meditation and Mindfulness 

Workshop with Doretta NatalucciEmbody Wellness, Vauxhall. Saturday 21st March 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

We all know we should take some more time to ourselves – but in the chaos of general life we rarely do. The road to inner peace can be a challenge but has countless benefits. If you’re one of these people who suffers from lack of sleep, low energy and scatty concentration then caffeine isn’t the answer – mindfulness and meditation could be. By regularly practising and honing these skills then you can develop compassion, patience, generosity and forgiveness – and become a more zen person. This two hour workshop is ideal for those with experience in the field who want to deepen their understanding, as well as those wanting to begin the first steps in their journey to inner peace.

Tickets are £25 – more information here


LEARN: How to make great Raw Food

Raw Food Class with Raw Energies – Main Course Basics, Hackney Saturday 7th March 10.30am – 2.30pm, Hackney

The health benefits of raw food are well known – they’re packed with vitamins and minerals, and deliver much higher levels of nutrients to our body than cooked food does. However, many people still have the idea that raw meals will be dull or uninspired. However, Raw Energies are on a mission to change this perception, and have us whipping up fresh dishes in our own kitchen. You’ll be encouraged to eat healthier without spending lots of money on gadgets, while discovering how simple it is to create quick, affordable, wonderful raw food diet meals such as courgette pasta with creamy sage sauce and mushroom tartlets.

Classes cost £75 – more information here

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