Spider Dog Prank: Terrifying In Person, Hilarious To Watch, But Raises Concerns [Video]


Spider Dog Prank: Terrifying In Person, Hilarious To Watch, But Raises Concerns [Video] image spider dog prak endangers dog

The video of a ‘spider dog’ — or a small dog dressed as a giant spider — has gone viral since being posted Thursday. ‘Mutant Giant Spider Dog’ is the brainchild of Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega.

In the video below, which is not recommended for arachnophobes, a small dog dressed as a spider hides behind doors, in an elevator, and in blind alleys waiting for victims.

While many viewers are simply laughing at Spider Dog’s victims and being thankful not to be one, the prank has some worried about the welfare of the little dog.

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One Youtube viewer queries:

But what if someone kicked or killed the dog?

Offers another:

Not to mention, where I love [sic], we have conceal permits. I myself would of [sic] shot that dog. Then, I would of [sic] sued you..and that’s bad for you because I work for a law firm.

Meanwhile, the spider dog, Chika by name, has grown so popular she has her own Facebook fan page.

Wardega, whose Facebook page labels him as ‘actor/director,’ has not responded to questions about dangers to the dog. Still, it’s not the first of his pranks to carry some risk. The man behind the spider dog has previously videos involving scaring people with gorilla costumes, ghost costumes, and at least one video that could have carried the risk of sexual assault charges.

Bearing in mind the combination of Wardega’s self-described role as actor and director, and the potential risks of the various videos, many viewers are left to wonder if the spider dog and other videos are staged, with the ‘victims’ portrayed by other actors.

[Photo: Chika the DogSpider Facebook fan page]

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