Spend The Perfect Day In NYC: Soho


Shopping expert Mahe Ali from Shoptiques.com tells us how a perfect 24 hours in New York City requires focus.

This fast paced city is one you want to experience slowly, and there’s just no way you can do all that in one day, especially since you don’t want to spend half of your time on the subway trying to get from the MOMA to Battery Park. My suggestion: tackle the city one eclectic neighborhood at a time. Today, Soho. Tomorrow, the world or, maybe just the East Village. Let’s not get carried away here.

Start your morning with Jack’s Wife Freda, where you can get the incredible Madame Freda breakfast sandwich, complete with duck prosciutto and a fried egg and hey, maybe a cantaloupe mimosa or two. Or three. Don’t sweat it; you’ll walk that all off later.

Now onto my favorite activity of the day- shopping. From high-end to fast fashion retailers, Soho is famous for its incredible selection of stores; do yourself a favour though, and resist the temptation to head to your nearest H&M. To discover unique pieces and get away from hordes of tourists, check out Babel Fair. You’ll find novel designs from all over the world, ranging from sweet and girly dresses to edgier matching sets, all in an atmosphere of whimsical playfulness.

Right around the corner is Linhardt Designs, a beautiful boutique full of masterfully crafted jewellery and disco balls to set the mood. Treat yourself to a stunning statement piece that I guarantee none of your friends back home will have. With this in mind, you definitely need to check out my favorite shop, Nu New York. It combines high quality and individual styles with, and this is important, guilt-free affordability.

New York City Lindhart Design

While you’re absentmindedly strolling between shops, be sure to check out graffiti that lines the streets, ranging from local artists to those more recognized like Bradley Theodore, who is known for his colourful yet eerie depictions of your favourite fashion names.

Maybe a day spent shopping isn’t for you; if so, I may not understand you, but Soho still has so much more to offer! You can go gallery hopping between Soho Contemporary Art and Rivington Gallery, and then reward yourself for being so #artsy with incredible crispy fish tacos at Tacombi Nolita, a local spot where you can eat tacos cooked out of a van and feel like a true New Yorker.

New York City Shop

Wow, girl. It’s been a long day, and you’ve accomplished a lot. Round off your perfect NYC experience by meeting up with a friend for a late dinner at Café Gitane; I recommend the avocado toast and Moroccan couscous. Yes, it sounds pretentious, but no trip to New York City is complete without a visit to a rooftop bar.

End your evening at the James Hotel with drinks above the city at the Jimmy, and take in the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. But be sure to snap a pic; while your picture-perfect day in NYC may have come to an end, the memories made in this unforgettable city will last a lifetime.

Besides, if you don’t upload an event to Instagram, did it really even happen?

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