Sony Launches “Never Seen Before” Campaign With 3 Films Shot Using Sony Action Cam


The all-new Action Cam from Sony proves to be a director’s delight. In the “Never Seen Before” campaign, launched by Sony on March 23, 2015, Sony teams up with a number of visionary directors, artists and filmmakers to create some unique shorts using Sony Action Cam.

The camera supports Smooth and high-quality image (4K/2K), image stabilization, high quality audio (did we mention that it is designed to decrease wind noise?), Live-View remote, 170˚ ultra-wide angle and a built-in GPS.  It is handy and lightweight, which allows it to be used in some situations where, prior to this, the short film directors found it very difficult to use an action camera.

So far, the “Never Seen Before” campaign has launched three short films that will sweep you off your feet with their creativity and narrative.

The first film “Creature” narrates a gripping story of the genetic revival of an extinct creature gone wrong. Director Ryan Dzierzek has shown his mettle by combining some eerily realistic footage with VFX to bring the story to life.  To shoot the film, Sony Action Cam was mounted on different accessories and a quad-copter to show the creature’s journey through London and its suburbs.

The second film “The Picture Machine” by Studio Nos will take you to the world of vintage animation.  To shoot this parade of colorful, dancing mushrooms, the Action Cam was placed in a remote-controlled car-rig. The camera traveled around the circular path of an animation system capturing animation frames mounted on the wall of the system and creating the effect of an animated zoetrope in this process. It’s a delightful combination of old animation technique and new-age technology.

The third film of the series is “Paperports” the everyday story of the inhabitants of a tiny city made entirely out of papers.  Director Charles Young breathed life and movement into the miniature metropolis by setting the small but powerful Action Cam inside the paper city that was arranged in a circle.  Guess what the brilliant director used to turn the camera 360˚? A Lazy Susan, which he rotated it using his hands.  The stop-motion animation was created using the 1,300 still photographs   that Young shot.

These short films show what the creative minds can do when they get the right technology to support their creativity.

More such Never Seen Before films will be launched at regular intervals on Sony’s Youtube channel as well as in the campaign website.  The site will also contain interesting tit-bits about each project, some behind-the-scene images, supplementary footage and the directors’ comments.

You will also get to know about how Sony Action Cam was used in each of these projects.  And now, here are some details about the upcoming films. Vine star Zach King and directorial duo Wilkins & Maguire are contributing to the upcoming films. The campaign, led by Japan’s Mori Inc and New York’s Stinkdigital, will contain 20 films by directors all over the world.

We know, you are dying to see the upcoming ones. We are as excited as you are!