Socially Stephanie: How to Increase Click-Throughs on Twitter


Dear Socially Stephanie,
I want to use social media to increase the traffic to my site. I’m tweeting but I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Any tips on how I can increase click-throughs on my shared content?
Clickless in Chula Vista

Dear Clickless,
Frustrated? I don’t blame you. Not getting results can feel like you are running into a brick wall sometimes. You think you are doing everything right. You do what the experts and the gurus tell you. But still nothing happens. Well, listen here, my friend. I’m going to give you some advice that might just change everything for you.

There may be a few different reasons that you aren’t getting the Twitter traffic you want. In fact, the whole click-through game is a bit like the chicken and egg scenario. You have to have a following to get people to click through and you have to have great content to build your following. So, should you focus on the chicken or the egg first? The content? Or the following? It’s a tricky question but the truth is, you have to focus on both of them simultaneously. I have some great tips on how to increase your Twitter following naturally and organically and, in fact, it is the exact Twitter strategy that I use today.

But, before I sum it up for you, you have to remember follower counts aren’t everything. What’s more important is targeted followers. After all, you want to bring pre-qualified traffic to your site, not just any ole Jo Shmo. That won’t increase sales. So forget about a target number and zero in on your target customer. How’s that done, you ask? First, define who they are. Next search for keywords that they use in their tweets and or in their bio.

Now that you’ve spotted them, go after them and bring them into your world. The best advice I can give you is to follow them and engage with purpose. Sounds too easy? It works. Engaging and starting conversations with others is the best way to gain followers. I know when someone actually adds value to my feed and personally connects with me, I’m more likely to follow them. And I’m not alone. Oh, and don’t do the follow/unfollow trick. You can’t game the system.

Okay, moving right along. Your follower count should be on an upward trajectory. Now it’s time to fix your content. The number one reason people don’t click on your links is because it doesn’t speak to them. Yup, that’s why it’s so important to focus on targeted followers. But if you have the right following and they still aren’t clicking, your copywriting might need a makeover. Use an active voice by including YOU and YOUR to make the reader feel as if they are being spoken directly to. And include call-to-actions like click here, and download. These things work!

Now that you have your style upgraded. Let’s talk tactics. Simply attaching an image on Twitter can increase click-throughs by 18%. Shorter tweets work better than long. Links in the middle of tweet can do wonders. And if all else fails, advertise some of your most important tweets. But those clicks are valuable so make sure you are sending your visitor to a lead page. Emails rock!

Rock on, my friend! I know you can do it.


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