SocialCode Adds Post Predictions Algorithm To MessageOptics 2.0 Analytics Tool


SocialCodePostPredictions650Brands on Facebook: Would you like the ability to accurately predict the lifetime reach and engagement of organic and paid page posts? Social marketing solutions provider SocialCode added a new feature to its MessageOptics 2.0 social analytics tool: Post Predictions.

SocialCode said MessageOptics 2.0 users can determine the potential of their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within one hour after they are posted, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their content and which posts to amplify or put money behind.

According to SocialCode, predictions are frozen 12 hours after the time of the post, or once the post is promoted with advertising, whichever comes first, and they are generated for likes, shares, and comments.

SocialCode Senior Product Manager Vibhi Kant said in a release announcing Post Predictions:

The MessageOptics tool continues to transform how marketers approach real-time content marketing. With the Post Predictions algorithm, marketers can forecast accurately whether a post will meet key performance goals. With that insight, marketers can determine not only which specific posts to promote with paid media, but when and by how much, in order to ensure goals are met.

Co-Founder and CEO Laura O’Shaughnessy added:

SocialCode is committed to making marketers more successful. Through science, software, and services, SocialCode makes content and paid social marketing more effective and efficient at global scale, while surfacing customer insights to inform all marketing and media strategy. We will continue to set the industry standard with a steady drumbeat of innovation.