Socialbakers Announces “Smart Storytellers” At Social Media Week London


During his presentation at Social Media Week in London, Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, unveiled the new standard for measuring content performance on Facebook, called “Smart Storytellers.”

In his blog post, Rezab says, “some brands post a lot, some get a lot of interactions, but few have found the right formula for achieving consistently well-performing content. Smart Storytellers will be the new guide for finding that balance. It looks at the number of Average Post Interactions in relation to post frequency, and shows you what a great content strategy really looks like.”


Looking at the screenshot above, a brand’s objective is to reach the green zone in the upper-right hand corner, securing a healthy balance of content quantity and quality with their Facebook fans. The Auto industry is the “Interactions Winner” – gaining the most interactions per post of all industries.

This new benchmark aims to help brands understand what makes a successful content strategy, and how they can strive to achieve it. The closer your brand’s Facebook page gets to the upper-right green corner, the better your content strategy is, taking posts and interactions into account. Socialbakers notes that posting with higher frequency does not result in more success, but rather posting engaging content that your fans will interact with and find value from is ideal.

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