Social TV, Will You Watch?


This season Raising Hope and Bones are continuing to connect with fans through social media, not unlike many shows in recent years. What’s different however is that Fox launched “Fan Friday” which is a way to give fans the opportunity to be featured on the air. Fans of the show who want their fifteen minutes of fame can use Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram to submit their answer to a #fanfriday question.

The Fox network has even taken to the air by partnering with United to get on more screens. United flights in recent weeks have been showing episodes of Raising Hope to promote the 4th season of the show as free in air entertainment.

The trend that networks have taken to engage with viewers for a multi-screen experience is no surprise. The growth of multiple screen ownership in households is on the rise as reported by NPD Group, revealing each U.S. household with an internet connection has 5.7 internet-connected devices. Experts suggest that in less than a decade the future of television will look much different than it does today with screens in every room enticing you to watch. You’ll never miss a second of that all important show or miss out on sending a tweet or updating Facebook to share your experience with friends.

Network executives are capitalizing on these trends to start getting in front of viewers in multiple ways and social media is certainly part of the answer. Social TV is a growing trend among many age groups and it’s highly likely that at least some of your friends are sharing their television viewing habits with you through multiple social channels. The problem some networks are having is determining how best to monetize these efforts.

Twitter recently has undergone a huge push to monetize social TV. They’re trying to convince advertisers that tweets drive ratings and viewership keeping viewers engaged during programming. The social network reports that over 300 million tweets were generated about television in the first quarter of 2013 alone. This data has been instrumental in securing talks between networks and Twitter to look at the possibility of promoted tweets and promoted hashtags, which run a whopping $ 200,000.

Fans of Fox’s sitcom hit Raising Hope are anxiously awaiting season 4’s premiere on #FanFriday November 15th at 9/8C. Executive producer Mike Mariano of hits like “My Name is Earl” and “Yes, Dear” has a jam packed season ahead full of laughs. Comedian and actress Molly Shannon joins this season and will play Maxime, the new owner of Howdy’s market where Jimmy and Sabrina work. Maxime is sure to be yet another eccentric character for the show. Need to catch up? Watch Raising Hope episodes online in time for Friday’s premiere.

While networks will do everything to connect with us through as many screens as possible, the real question here is how many of us will participate? Will Fox’s fan Friday take off and be a hit? We’ll soon tell.

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