Social Media Strategy: It Is Time to Revamp It


Social media is the biggest thing in the town since the Internet came into existence. It changed the way we communicate, both at personal level and for commercial purposes. Even if you try your best, you will hardly succeed in finding a business that lacks a social presence. In fact, business owners are working hard to get on the social media bandwagon over the past few years.

But do they really know how social media works? How to optimize it or fit social media into their business strategy? Perhaps not; at least not every one of them. Social media has changed a lot since it was first introduced. Having a basic social media presence is not enough. Rather, you need to leverage these media to build brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

If you can achieve these two successfully, the third and the most important social media goal i.e. to generate new leads can be achieved automatically. Isn’t that the ultimate reason behind your social media marketing efforts? Nevertheless, one question still remains: How to do it?

The answer is typically simple, albeit often overlooked. Considering revamping your social media strategies.

1. Updating Your Social Media Plans – The Warning Signs

One major issue with businesses that are yet to see success in their social media efforts is that they simply overlook the importance of updating their social media strategies for several years. Chances are your company has changed direction more than once over the same time. So why not adjust your social media approach accordingly? This is your first step to be back on track in order to focus on ‘now- relevant’ marketing goals.

The best approach is to change your social media marketing strategies at least once in a year and make necessary adjustments, whenever required. If you haven’t changed your social media strategies for long and aren’t sure if you should do it at all, here are a few warning signs you need to look out for.

2. Facebook Posting is Just another Chore for You

This may seem a simple matter to many, but believe me if it is becoming a chore to post on Facebook it’s probably because you are not connecting with your audiences out there. If you would have, the idea of posting new things on this social channel would have rather enticed you.

This usually happens when your Facebook page fails to grow along with your business goals. But you need to understand one thing, Facebook is a powerful platform that can a drive significant amount of traffic to your website. And to leverage it, you need to invest quality time and effort to your page. Your focus should be to make it robust, filled with great content that your audience happily interact with.

3. Your Focus and Direction Lack on Twitter

Of course you have a Twitter handle, but are your lists growing on this micro-blogging site? If you don’t have meaningful connections on Twitter, it’s obviously time to revamp your strategy for this social channel. In fact, almost all of the best Twitter brands change your strategies on a regular basis.

If your Twitter account isn’t well planned and/or strategically operated, you are likely to miss out all the excitement and validation that this platform is known for. Think twice about what you are posting and when you are posting them. In addition, you need to switch your audience focus towards what you are sharing as the lack of it will only hurt your overall Twitter presence, even if you have been sharing great content with your audience.

4. You Lack a Definite Social Media Goal

What is it you want to achieve through your social media effort? Most businesses aren’t aware what exactly they want to achieve on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. Some may vaguely say they want to improve their brand awareness or social mentions, but if you closely study their strategies you will find not all are working towards their goals.

This largely happens with businesses that have social media strategies that are over a year old. They simply tend to lost sight of the social media goals. Why? What would happen if a project runs for over a year without being reviewed or adjusted in between according to the business’s changing needs? Of course, it loses its sight. That’s exactly what is also happening to your social media strategy if you haven’t reviewed and revamped it at least once a year. Along with your strategy, you also need to adjust your goals so that you don’t lose sight.

5. Your Blog Fails to Generate Repeat Traffic

Does your blog has dedicated subscribers who come back to the website to read your latest posts? If yes, then it is indeed generating repeat traffic. But again, what about the bounce rate? It is high? A high bounce rate indicates that although you have repeat traffic, your blog posts aren’t compelling enough to hold their interest.

Bounce rate often increases when you lack a clear direction and you will also see a drop in your repeat site visitors. Posting great content is not enough, you need a proper social media plan and a clear concise content and implement the same on your blog posts. Content marketing is a long-term strategy and you need to stay focused on the bigger goals. Choose the right keyword to match your content, while keeping your focus fixed on enhanced usability. Here is a great infographic to help you decrease bounce rate.


If you are already seeing these warning signs, it is time to revamp your social media strategy. Get your team on board and discuss what your social media goals are and what you can do differently to achieve them. It will take some time, but pull the trigger gradually. Invest your time and effort in the process; if you can put things together successfully, it won’t take much time to make your social channels strong and robust.