Social Media Newsfeed: Watching YouTube Videos Offline | Iran Blocks Facebook, Twitter Again


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YouTubeYouTube Apps to Allow ‘Short Period’ Video Downloads for Offline Viewing (The Guardian)
YouTube is preparing to introduce a new feature in its mobile apps that will enable videos to be downloaded onto devices for offline viewing. Due to launch in November, the feature was announced on the YouTube Creators blog for channel-owners, and pitched as a way for them to attract even more viewers. TechCrunch The feature will let viewers add videos to their devices to store and watch for a short period of time when they are not connected to the Internet, “so your fans’ ability to enjoy your videos no longer has to be interrupted by something as commonplace as a morning commute,” according to the blog. This is a notable development because downloading videos is currently against YouTube’s rules, though there are plenty of third-party apps and browser extensions designed to let people do so. The Independent It’s not exactly clear how the system will work, but it seems obvious that YouTube won’t just be allowing a free-for-all approach to downloading (or subsequently sharing video). Choosing to announce the news on its Creators’ Blog (one of the many channels through which YouTube encourages home-grown content) indicates that this feature will help fans stack up in advance on their favorite shows – helping to encourage habitual viewing – rather than simply letting you watch cat videos on the tube. IBN Live The Add to Device option will be turned on by default for all YouTube content, but content owners will have the option to disable the functionality for their videos. The videos and playlists available for offline viewing can be accessed through the “on device” section in the YouTube app.

Iran Blocks Twitter, Facebook Again, Cites Technical Glitch (AllFacebook)
For the first time since 2009, millions of Iranians were able to share their status updates on Facebook, for one day, anyway. The New York Times reported that Iran’s government restored its block on Facebook and Twitter Tuesday, blaming a temporary technical glitch for their brief availability in the country.

Facebook Users are Committing ‘Virtual Identity Suicide’ in Droves and Quitting the Site Over Privacy and Addiction Fears (Mail Online)
Facebook users are quitting the social network in droves due to privacy concerns and fear of internet addiction, according to new research. Increasing numbers are taking part in what’s been dubbed ‘Virtual Identity Suicide’ and deleting their accounts.

Facebook Faux Pas: An Education Reporter’s ‘School BORED’ Meeting Commentary (
I covered school board meetings when I was a Milwaukee Journal reporter, so I know what this education writer for a Florida daily is complaining about on Facebook. (The people she mentions are school board members.) I’m told that she deleted the post, but not before it was read by competing reporters.

Is Your Twitterless Child at a Digital Disadvantage? (SocialTimes)
Parents who create a Twitter handle with the view to hold the account for their child might have the right intentions, but by the time these kids are old enough to use Twitter, will the rest of us still be on it? And will these kids appreciate the baby-tweets posted on their behalf — you know, the ones about diapers and attempts to chew the dog’s tail?

Quora for iPhone Embraces the Swipe in iOS 7 Makeover (CNET)
Question-and-answer service Quora is hoping to capitalize on the attention of iOS 7 with a new iPhone application that dumps tabs in favor of the swiping design patterns offered through Apple’s newest operating system. The new Quora iPhone app, version 3.0, is gesture-centric, meaning the application user can swipe back and forth to move among five feeds of content.

After a Four-Year Break, Gap Returns to TV with New Twitter-Based Commercials (AllTwitter)
The Gap is going full throttle this fall with some brand new commercials, and a pretty massive Twitter tie-in. As BuzzFeed reports, Gap chose to integrate its TV commercial relaunch with Twitter. Instead of just airing a commercial on TV and hoping for the best, the brand chose to release their TV spots early via Twitter, to get people excited and extend their effectiveness.

Hulu is Bringing 144 BBC Shows, Including ‘Doctor Who,’ to its Video-on-Demand Service (The Next Web)
There’s good news for users of video-on-demand service Hulu, which is beefing up its programming with a content agreement with the BBC. Under the multi-year deal — which was reported by The Wall Street Journal — Hulu will gain access to over 2,000 episodes from 144 BBC titles over the first twelve months.

Photozeen Promises to Improve Your Photos Before You Take Them (AppNewser)
Photozeen, a new iOS app from WAZZAP LAB, aims to help make your iPhone photos better before you take them. The app encourages users to do photo quests. It gives users a particular photo challenge and then includes tips on how to achieve the goals of the photo, be it a portrait or a landscape shot.

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