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VimeoVimeo Shows Off New Paywall Video Option (VentureBeat)
Vimeo rolled out its new pay-to-view option for some of its video partners on Tuesday. The paywall option should be available to all Vimeo video creators in early 2013. The Verge The six films currently available to be viewed on any compatible device are “Sunny,” “We Are Legion,” “Beauty is Embarassing,” “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” “Sons of the Clouds” and Jeremy Jones’ “Further.” Anyone with a Vimeo account can rent the movies (depending on his/her region), which range in price from $ 4.99 to $ 9. TechCrunch Over the years, Vimeo has operated mostly as a free, ad-supported video aggregator for video content creators, sort of like an arthouse YouTube. Over the years, it’s lagged behind YouTube, which has grown to be the largest online video distributor in the world. The Next Web There’s a risky nature to releasing a paywalled service atop a traditionally open network. More specifically, it’s risky to let creators start charing for what was once consistently free. WebProNews Of course, Vimeo is not only monetizing in order to help artists, but to help its bottom line. The mostly ad-free service generates most of its revenue from selling pro services to both users and creators.

Twitter Adds to TV Team, Hires Broadcasting & Cable Editor to Lead Media Operations (LostRemote)
Broadcasting & Cable editor-in-chief Ben Grossman announced Tuesday he has joined Twitter’s media team as the head of global operations. Grossman has worked at Broadcasting & Cable since 2005, and his digital rolodex is packed full of contacts from years of reporting and speaking. AllTwitter Grossman announced the job change on Twitter. He’ll be helping Twitter’s media vice president, Chloe Sladden, with her quest to make “Twitter essential to TV, music, sports, news, politics & non-profits.” VentureBeat By adding Grossman to the team, Twitter is signaling a growing interest in not only infiltrating Hollywood but understanding the dynamics behind the market it wishes to conquer. According to his LinkedIn profile, Grossman also oversaw Broadcasting & Cable’s digital and event businesses and made regular appearances on broadcast networks and radio shows as a media commentator.

Facebook Investors Brace for Big Round of Unlocked Shares (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Facebook investors, already grappling with concerns about the company’s growth prospects, are bracing for the biggest increase in the number of shares free for trading since the company went public in May. Restrictions lift today on 804 million shares held by former employees and those who sold at the initial public offering, almost doubling the total available for trading, according to a regulatory filing.

YouTube’s Android App Now Lets You Beam Videos Direct to Google TV (The Next Web)
While it may seem like an obvious integration, it has been a long time coming – the latest YouTube Android app update automatically pairs your Android devices and Google TV on the same Wi-Fi network. This is much like AirPlay for iOS devices, and acts as a remote control that lets you pause, scroll and navigate to the next video as it plays on the TV.

Papa John’s Gets Bludgeoned by Memes for Obamacare Stance (Mashable)
Redditors are up in arms about Papa John’s CEO’s stance on Obamacare and are using their favorite medium — memes — to express their discontent. The backlash started on Sunday when Redditor goforReaper suggested a boycott of the pizza chain.

Zynga CFO David Wehner Joins Facebook (AllFacebook)
Scuffling game developer Zynga has announced four executive promotions, along with the departure of chief financial officer David Wehner, who is leaving Zynga to join Facebook as vice president of corporate finance and business planning. Chief accounting officer Mark Vranesh was promoted to CFO, succeeding Wehner.

LinkedIn’s Mobile Apps to Allow Profile Edits on the Go (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn has made “one of the most requested features on our mobile apps” a reality: the ability for users to update their professional profiles from their smartphones. The update will work on the iPhone and Android apps in all the languages that LinkedIn offers.

Q&A: Tumblr Editor Jessica Bennett on New Platforms for News and the Rise of the GIF (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Earlier this year Tumblr hired Jessica Bennett, a former editor and writer for Newsweek, as its executive editor. Nieman Journalism Lab talked with Bennett about why writers embrace Tumblr, the ways storytelling is being shaped beyond text and why GIFs — just named the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year; sorry, YOLO — are ascendant.

Twitter Advice From @InvisibleObama and @PaulRyanGosling (The Daily Dot)
When it comes to Twitter parody accounts, it’s all about being quick to the punch, staying in character and having the perfect target. There are countless ones out there, from the surreal Nate Silver parody @FiveThirtyNate and the sublime @NotTildaSwindon to mashups like @50SoAndyGray (50 Shades of Grey and soccer commentator Andy Gray) and @PaulRyanGosling (former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and Hollywood heart throb Ryan Gosling).

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