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Twitter.Logo_-150x150You Can Now Tag People in Photos on Twitter (SocialTimes)
Twitter announced new photo capabilities on Wednesday. Users can now tag up to 10 people per photo, without the tags counting against the 140-character limit. Los Angeles Times The microblogging service has also made it possible for users of its iPhone app to post up to four photos in the same tweet. This feature will roll out to Android users and users of the Twitter website “soon.” CNET Twitter will send notifications to folks who are tagged, and these settings can be adjusted in user settings. When you share multiple photos in one tweet, Twitter will automatically create a collage to display them. These elements will also show up in embedded tweets. TechCrunch Adding multiple photo support is cool, and it looks fairly nicely implemented. It will likely increase the number of photos shared on the service dramatically, and will assist those who use it in a news capacity. The Wire To be clear, the 140-character limit remains in place, but Twitter’s definition of what constitutes a character has changed. Previously, tagging friends in photos posted to Twitter took up a lot of character space.

Klout, Which Measures Online Influence, Reportedly Bought for $ 200 Million (The Verge)
Klout, which purports to measure your influence through a controversial score, has been purchased for $ 200 million by Lithium Technologies. According to Fortune, Lithium — which helps businesses manage customer service through social media — plans to announce the news today in a press conference.

Instagram Reaches 200M Monthly Active Users (AllFacebook)
It’s milestone time for Instagram, as the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced in a blog post that it has reached 200 million monthly active users. Instagram launched Oct. 6, 2010, and it reached the 100 million MAU mark last February and the 150 million MAU mark last September.

Foursquare’s New Ads Tap Twitter and Require $ 100K Commitment
Foursquare has a new ad product that invites users to tweet marketing messages when they check into businesses. The product is called Tap to Tweet and will be available in early April, Adweek learned via a memo obtained from an industry source.

Turkish Court Overturns the Government’s Ban on Twitter (The New York Times)
A court in Turkey ruled on Wednesday that the government could not ban Twitter, as it sought to do five days ago, and ordered the country’s telecommunications authority to restore access to the service. The action by the government had been met inside and outside the country with an uproar about respect for freedom of expression.

W Hotels Defends $ 3,000 Social Media Wedding Concierge: ‘To Some, This May Seem a Bit Over The Top’ (Fast Company)
As you may have heard, W Hotels in New York is offering its wedding clients a new service. For $ 3,000, the soon-to-be betrothed can hire a “social media wedding concierge” who will live-tweet their big day, create a wedding hashtag, set up a wedding blog, and even curate “registry wish list[s] and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards to inspire.”

‘Psych All-Night’ Social TV Event Results in Huge Gains for USA Network (LostRemote)
USA hosted its first all-nighter for “Psych” last February two weeks before the season premiere, and saw incredible results. It received 172,000 social mentions, and fans of the show voted more than 280,000 times for the episodes they wanted to appear as part of the marathon.

Your Texting-While-Driving Habit Could Land You on a Billboard in San Francisco (The Huffington Post)
If you have a texting-while-driving habit, don’t be surprised to see a photo of yourself caught in the act slapped up on a billboard in San Francisco. TWIT Spotting is a project launched by San Francisco-based graphic artist Brian Singer that publicly shames drivers he spots engaging in TWIT (texting while in traffic) by posting photos of them online and on 11 billboards in and around the city, Gizmodo reports.

FireChat: A Messaging App For When There’s No Internet (AppNewser)
If FireChat sounds like an app that promotes fireside chatter, it’s because that’s essentially what it does. Created by Open Garden, the app takes advantage of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework embedded in iOS7.

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