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Twitter.Logo_-150x150 The Future of Twitter Events is Here (AllThingsD)
On Tuesday, Twitter announced a new “Custom Timelines” product for developers and third-party sites, effectively giving organizations the power to curate their own Twitter streams to surface the best material related to an event. The possibilities here are huge: Event staff at the Grammy Awards can sift through tweets — either by hand, or, perhaps more importantly, programmatically through Twitter’s new API — showing off big moments that may have blown up to some groups on Twitter, but haven’t been visible to the masses. PC Magazine The feature, housed within TweetDeck, sounds very similar to Storify, which lets users pull in tweets and other content from around the Web to create stories about certain events. Custom timelines will roll out to TweetDeck for Web, Chrome and PC over the next several days, and will hit the Mac app “soon.” When it arrives, look for the new “custom timeline” column type in TweetDeck, and hit the “+” icon or use the “A” keyboard shortcut to add. ReadWrite Historically, Twitter has always presented tweets in reverse chronological order. That structure was straightforward — but it also made it very hard to follow news events as they unfolded. By presenting tweets in an order selected by users, Twitter’s breaking with its own history, but it could expand its audience by making the presentation of tweets more human-friendly. The Next Web Twitter’s decision to push the feature out via TweetDeck is an interesting one. The feature is bound to appeal to power users, many of whom will already use TweetDeck, so it’s a natural fit. TechCrunch Custom timelines will add a bunch of ways for people who use it for info-gathering in times of news to slice out feeds of solid meaty information from the random chatter around these topics. The custom timelines product is still obviously very early on in its development, but it should be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Facebook Requires Some Users to Change Password After Adobe Hack (The Verge)
Facebook is taking steps to protect its own users in the aftermath of an Adobe hack that affected tens of millions of customer accounts. The company is asking anyone that used identical login credentials across both services to change their Facebook password immediately.

Social Buzz and Ratings Bump Help Drive the Country Music Awards Back to First Place (LostRemote)
For the CMAs this year, women drove the majority of the social buzz surrounding the awards, and, surprisingly, New Jersey accounted for a large portion of this buzz among U.S. states. Four million people had 8.8 million Facebook interactions related to the CMAs.

Gmail Update Lets You Save Attachments Directly to Drive (CNET)
Gmail users now can view attachments and save files directly to Google Drive without ever leaving their email, Google announced in a blog post Tuesday. Instead of downloading attachments, Gmail users can save files directly to Drive by clicking on the Drive button that appears when hovering over attachment previews at the bottom of an email.

How Toys ‘R’ Us Enhanced Facebook Sharing on its Ecommerce Sites (AllFacebook)
The most important time of the year is rapidly approaching for toy retailing giant Toys “R” Us, with the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday, and the company announced a revamp of its ecommerce sites for the flagship brand and Babies “R” Us, including enhanced sharing on Facebook and other social networks. Toy boards and baby boards can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and friends and contacts can be invited to create their own boards.

Meet the New, Improved Netflix: The More Things Change, the More They Become the Same (Forbes)
Netflix today begins rolling out a major overhaul to what you see when you launch it on your TV. While the content hasn’t changed, the look-and-feel of how you choose what to watch next has been significantly altered from the familiar grid of rectangles.

The Power of the #Hashtag [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Mastering the hashtag is now an essential part of every digital marketing campaign. This infographic from The Huffington Post outlines the basics and best practices for optimum hashtag use.

By Popular Demand: Quora Adds Traffic-Tracking Tool for Writers (Mashable)
The question-and-answer service announced a new analytics tool Tuesday that enables its writers to monitor the number of views, upvotes (Quora’s version of likes) and shares their posts and answers receive on the site.

Everything You Need to Know About Privacy on Facebook [Infographic] (Inside Facebook)
What steps can you take to manage your Facebook privacy like an expert? The website recently published a thorough infographic showing Facebook’s checkered relationship with privacy, and what users can do to stay ahead of the curve.

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