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Twitter’s User Problem: Fastest Gains are People That Don’t See Ads (The Wall Street Journal)
Twitter last week reported that its second-quarter revenue more than doubled, and growth in the number of people using its service is rebounding, a positive sign for investors who feared Twitter’s popularity had peaked. But buried in legalese in an online presentation accompanying Twitter’s earnings report is a number that reveals an unsettling trend: The share of users who never see advertisements on Twitter is accelerating, while growth of those who do see ads is shrinking. PC Magazine That might not seem like that big of a deal for those who are just looking at the bottom line, namely the 271 million total Twitter users which is, itself, a 6.3 percent increase from three months ago. However, those who use Twitter via means other than Twitter’s website or mobile app don’t get to see one critically important facet of Twitter’s business operations: advertising. The Guardian
This is, by any stretch, an intimidating comparison. Facebook has more than 1 billion users, increased its sales by 44 percent in a year, and is one of the tech industry’s five biggest companies in market value. And that is the pressure point: If Facebook can launch itself into the stratosphere, the thinking goes, so can Twitter. ZDNET In related news, a new survey by the Queensland University of Technology has uncovered that there were 2.8 million Australian Twitter accounts out of 750 million accounts globally in September 2013. The study by the QUT Social Media Research Group (SMRG) showed that while Twitter adoption in Australia grew slowly in the early days, it eventually peaked to more than 100,000 new registrations per month by early 2009. Brisbane Times If each account represented one user, it would mean one in eight Australians, or 12 percent of the population, used the micro-blogging service. And Queenslanders are keen tweeters, with a hub of 130,000 accounts in Brisbane boosted by a strong take-up in regional centers along the coastline.

Global Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook in Europe (SocialTimes)
Privacy activist and founder of Max Schrems is organizing a class action lawsuit against Facebook, which could potentially be Europe’s largest data privacy suit. Schrems, who is also a Viennese law student, has filed a civil suit against Facebook’s Irish subsidiary in Vienna’s commerical court.

Evan Blass Explains Why His @evleaks Twitter Account Will Stop Reporting Phone Scoops (The Next Web)
Sunday is the quietest news day of the week for the tech industry, but Evan Blass — the man behind @evleaks, a Twitter account that regularly breaks news of upcoming phones and announcements — picked Sunday to announce his “retirement” from reporting phone scoops. That’s great news for Samsung, HTC, LG, Microsoft and the host of other companies who, at some point or another, have had word of a new product get out early, and without permission, via @evleaks.

Facebook to SMBs: Use Ads Manager to Track Performance of Ads, Campaigns (AllFacebook)
The latest installment in Facebook’s Getting Started series for small and midsized businesses focuses on how they can use Ads Manager to track the performance of their ads and campaigns on the social network. The newest Getting Started post reads, in part: “In Ads Manager, you can find information on all the ads you’re running, how long they’re scheduled to run, the amount you’ve spent on your ads and much more. This performance information can help you improve your current ads and create more effective campaigns in the future.”

Blogger Claims School Fired Him for Post About Homophones (CNET)
A Utah social media specialist says a Language Center believed that writing about words that sound the same but are spelled differently associated the school with a gay agenda. Tim Torkildson blogged about fascinating language matters such as when to split your infinitive or leave it clenched, and where to use a colon or keep it from public view.

Five Ways Twitter Could Improve Lists (AllTwitter)
Businesses can use Twitter lists to listen in on conversations among their VIP customers, competitors, industry leaders … without having to sift through a cluttered timeline. As they are, lists are powerful. But here are five ways that Twitter could take them to the next level.

Instagram Marketing Is Quickly Catching Up to Facebook (Adweek)
How close is Instagram to Facebook when it comes to brand activity? Probably closer than you think.

Forget the Selfie … the Rise of the ‘Usie’ (Lost Remote)
The selfie storm reached its pinnacle at the Oscars earlier this year when Ellen Degeneres took the record-breaking selfie heard round the Internet. But was that actually an “usie”? The AP recently reported on the growing trend of group selfies.

Twitter May Start Annotating Hashtags For Newbies (BetaBeat)
A few users noticed that Twitter has been adding little annotations to their tweets, unpacking everything from #smh to #hhldn (which it turns out is “Hacks/Hackers London”) The Wall Street Journal points out. The little labels appear right below the body of the tweet where a hashtag like #lol (“League of Legends,” apparently) appear.

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