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TwitterTwitter to Simplify the Reporting of Abusive Tweets, After Outcry Over Rape Threats (CNET)
After an outcry in Britain over rape threats on Twitter, the company said a feature designed to make it easier to report abusive tweets when using Twitter on the iPhone would be coming to other platforms. The recipient of those threats expressed approval but added that the service needs “to step up and take responsibility for what is tweeted on their site.” GigaOM Caroline Criado-Perez told the BBC and other outlets that she received about 50 abusive tweets an hour for 12 hours following the announcement that author Jane Austen would be appearing on British notes, and that she appeared to have “stumbled into a nest of men who co-ordinate attacks on women.” She said she reported the abuse to police and also tried to contact Mark Luckie, who works for Twitter’s journalism and news unit, but said that Luckie did not respond, and then locked his account to make his tweets private. Daily Mail Scotland Yard said a 21-year-old was arrested Sunday in Manchester on suspicion of harassment offenses after officers in Camden, London, received a complaint of malicious communications on Thursday. A campaign in her support, calling on Twitter to introduce a button to allow speedy reporting of abuse, has already been signed by 12,500 people and she has received support from MPs and celebrities. BBC Via her Twitter page on Sunday evening she said she was at a police station making a statement and that there were “many more threats to report.” Labour said on Sunday that it had written to Twitter complaining that it had been “weak” to tell Criado-Perez to take her complaints to the police. Forbes I’m entirely happy with Twitter stating that only things that are actually illegal may not be said: that fits in with my views of how the world should work. But I’m also entirely happy with those who disagree, arguing that hurtful things should also be banned, are going to boycott the company.

Thelma and Louise, Turtle with Two Heads at San Antonio Zoo, Gets Own Facebook Page (The Huffington Post/AP)
A two-headed turtle born last month at the San Antonio Zoo has become so popular that she has her own Facebook page. Zoo officials say the Texas cooter, named Thelma and Louise for the female duo in the 1991 Oscar-winning movie, has been doing well. San Antonio Express-News “We get inquiries from people wanting to know how they’re doing,” said zoo spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike, who still fields calls and emails from around the world about the two-headed Texas cooter. The Facebook page offered an easy way to share how Thelma and Louise are developing, she said, and it will offer updates about the plight of other tortoise and turtle species. The zoo also set up pages for “Louise Left Head” and “Thelma Right Head.” Launches Tool for Creating Colorful Charts on Excel (SocialTimes)
Many beautiful data visualizations begin with a set of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, but the data usually ends up in another program for the visualization part. Friday, Infogram released Charts: an app that that can transform raw data from an Excel spreadsheet into an interactive chart.

Social Media Helps Girl with Terminal Cancer Complete Bucket List (
Social media is giving voice to cancer patients like 16-year-old Lauren “Lola” Scott. She was diagnosed with undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma in 2009, a terminal cancer.

Facebook Testing ‘Find Customers’ Tool for Uploading Email Lists from Constant Contact, MailChimp, Excel to Ads Manager (AllFacebook)
Facebook is testing a “Find Customers” tool in its Ads Manager that allows page administrators to import their email lists from Constant Contact and MailChimp or to upload their own .CSV files from Excel. Israel-based reader Or Fialkov discovered the Find Customers tool and shared descriptions of its functions and screenshots with AllFacebook.

Should You Take a Break from Social Media on Your Vacation? (Mashable)
A recent Marriott survey of American adults revealed that of those willing to give something up during their vacation in exchange for a 25 percent discount on a hotel stay, only 26 percent would give up access to their smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, a TIME mobility study suggests that in general, U.S. adults are unwilling to part with their handsets.

Create Your Own Twitter Bot Using Code from Nieman Journalism Lab (AllTwitter)
Digital DIY is all the rage, evidenced by everything from craft bloggers’ crazy-popular Pinterest boards to the raging rise in interest for CodeAcademy – not to mention the growth in awareness of the potential in 3D printing. Now Nieman Journalism Lab is enabling you to channel your DIY skills with regard to Twitter.

Why WordPress’ Creator is Getting Back to its Development (VentureBeat)
Matt Mullenweg will be leading development on WordPress 3.8. It’s a bit unusual for a founder of a 184-person company with a hugely popular product to take direct part in product development, but Mullenweg wants to be part of an ambitious acceleration in the WordPress release cycle that will bring two new versions out between now and the end of the year.

How Starz is Using Social to Show That Pirates are Better Than Zombies (LostRemote)
Fueled by a social campaign and Comic-Con activation the network has already engaged social TV fans in a big way by showing off why pirates are better than zombies. Starz launched as a genius way to start promoting the show.

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