Social Media Newsfeed: SNL Mocks Obamacare | Facebook Redesign


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SNL150SNL Mocks Obama Health Care/Social Media Push (USA Today)
As President Obama and aides urge young people to sign up for health care ahead of a key deadline today, Saturday Night Live mocked some of their attempts at outreach through social media. The opening skit late Saturday night had the faux Obama pose with an e-cigarette on Instagram, attempt to break a selfie record in a photo with Kim Kardashian, dance with Pope Francis for a Vine video — and make out with a character playing Justin Bieber. The Huffington Post Check out Obama (Jay Pharoah’s) hilariously passionate kiss with the Biebz (Kate McKinnon) in the GIF, and watch the entire sketch. CNET In the end, marketing to the young is all about fame, virility and virality. If you can get people to talk about it, you’re winning.

The Real Reason Facebook Got Rid Of Its Beautiful Redesign: Its Users Have Old Computers With Tiny Screens (Business Insider)
A year ago, Facebook announced it would redesign its News Feed. But that design never got a full rollout. Then, this year, Facebook pushed a more toned-down redesign.

LinkedIn Launches a Content Marketing Score (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn launched a new feature called Content Marketing Score, designed to help marketers measure the impact of both paid and organic content on LinkedIn. The score is generated by calculating action-based social engagement divided by the total audience.

How to Use Twitter MagicRecs to Generate Buzz for a Fake Account (VentureBeat)
Apparently, all it takes to trigger a recommendation is a handful of friends. Based on my informal observations, it seems five to 10 friends following an account is enough to make me get a recommendation.

MLB Opening Day: Yankees, Dodgers Tops In Likes, PTAT Over Seven Days (AllFacebook)
According to sister site PageData, the New York Yankees and Dodgers finished first and second, respectively, in terms of MLB teams adding the most likes and people talking about this over seven days. Despite the hope and optimism that usually accompany the start of a new season, 13 of the league’s 30 clubs actually saw their PTAT totals drop in the past seven days.

Twitter Wins Small Victory in Turkish Court, Though Service Still Blocked Country-Wide (Re/code)
A Turkish court on Friday overturned a ruling that restricted the viewing of a controversial Twitter account from Turkish citizens, representing a small yet significant win for political activists in the country. The account in question, which has been maintained by an anonymous user or set of users, posted a series of tweets containing audio and video clips to the account in recent weeks, which claimed to contain evidence of corruption and acts of bribery by top government officials, including Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Does Instagram Passing Twitter in Mobile Increase Social TV Competition? (LostRemote)
News that Instagram has surpassed Twitter in mobile users is noteworthy for social TV. Data from eMarketer revealed Instagram has 35 million U.S. mobile users while Twitter only has 30.8 million (Twitter still leads Instagram by 40 million active users).

Reddit’s Most Disgusting Inside Jokes (BetaBeat)
Some jokes are funny to everyone. Some jokes are funny to a few people. Then there are jokes that funny to long-term redditors.

The Secret To Success On Twitter: SMART Goals (AllTwitter)
SMART goal setting can be applied to everything from personal development to business strategy, and it’s a great way to give your goals clarity. SMART is an acronym that stands for various things depending on who you listen to, but for our purposes we’re using Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound to help you define Twitter goals that work.

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