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LinkedInLinkedIn Rolls Out Address Book and Calendar Management App (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn Contacts, a feature and iOS app, aggregates the user’s address books, emails and calendars and keeps them up to date on the site. The user’s most recent email interactions and calendared meetings with each of his or her LinkedIn contacts appear on that person’s profile page. The Next Web What’s more, if you search by a tag or a company, you’ll be able to filter through all your contacts to determine who you know the best there. For example, I might click on “Evernote” to find that I’m connected with CEO Phil Libin, but that I have a closer relationship with developer advocate Rafe Needleman. Wired LinkedIn Contacts also notifies you when it’s somebody’s birthday or when someone you know has changed jobs. You have the option to message him through LinkedIn on the desktop. And you can email, text or call any one of your contacts directly through the LinkedIn Contacts app. SFGate/The Tech Chronicles The program will work with Microsoft Outlook, Google’s GMail, Yahoo Mail, Evernote and the default Apple iOS Contacts app. LinkedIn Contacts also taps information gleaned from business cards scanned by another standalone LinkedIn app, CardMunch. CNET Facebook and Twitter integrations are noticeably absent. Starting Thursday, LinkedIn Contacts was available to a subset of the company’s U.S. members who received invitations to the application. LinkedIn plans to introduce Contacts in all markets in the coming months.

Former President @BillClinton Joins Twitter (For Real This Time) (AllTwitter)
William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States of America, has officially joined Twitter. You’ll find him under @billclinton. USA Today It was only a few weeks ago that Stephen Colbert created @prezbillyjeff for Clinton, who dictated a tweet the Comedy Central host sent out to the world. As of Thursday morning, Clinton had more than 300,000 followers on his new, verified account. The Huffington Post Clinton was initially skeptical of the social networking site. “What if you tweet and nobody tweets back?” Clinton told Colbert. “There’s nothing worse than a friendless tweeter.”

ABC News Launching ‘Social Soundtracker’ (LostRemote)
At a press conference in its New York headquarters Thursday morning, ABC News launched a new product it calls the “Social Soundtracker.” The product is meant to serve as a second-screen device, or as an added layer on top of the program you are watching.

Cell Phone Service Comes to 30 More NYC Subway Stations (Venturebeat)
New York City’s 1 billion subway riders are about to get a pleasant surprise: more cell phone service underground. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, along with Transit Wireless and the four big carriers, is expanding its cell phone service project to 30 more stations, including massive hubs like Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

Facebook Makes it Easier for Advertisers to Target Feature Phone Users (AllFacebook)
Speaking of cell phones, as more users access Facebook from their mobile phone, it’s not always a smartphone. Now Facebook has made it easier for companies to target ads to people using feature phones.

Email Warrant Measure Gets Senate Judiciary Nod (Mashable)
A measure that would require law enforcement to get a warrant to read citizens’ emails regardless of their age or whether they have been opened passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a voice vote Thursday. The Leahy-Lee amendment would also prohibit companies from disclosing the contents of customers’ communications to the government and requires the government to notify a citizen when his or her email has been disclosed via warrant.

BuzzFeed Poaches Entertainment Reporter Jordan Zakarin from The Hollywood Reporter (FishbowlNY)
BuzzFeed has poached Jordan Zakarin from The Hollywood Reporter, where he covered film, television, and — oddly enough — BuzzFeed. As the newest member of the site’s growing entertainment vertical, the New Jersey native will cover the film, TV and pop culture industry from BuzzFeed’s New York headquarters.

How Influential are Time’s Most Influential People on Social Media? (SocialTimes)
Time recently published its annual list of the 100 people they think have the most influence in the world today. Klout, a site that aims to quantify social media presence, made its own list that juxtaposed the top 50 individuals with their respective “Klout ratings.”

Sunil Tripathi, Falsely Linked on Social Media to Boston Bombings, Found Dead (CNET)
Sunil Tripathi, the Brown University student falsely identified by people posting on Reddit and Twitter as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, is dead. The 22-year-old’s body was recovered from the waters around India Point Park in Rhode Island, and in a post on Facebook, Tripathi’s family confirmed his death.

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