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iOS 6 Upgrade Has its Share of Troubles (Mashable)
Apple customers around the world got their first taste of iOS 6 on the iPad and iPhone Wednesday. The new OS had its share of teething troubles, most notably a WiFi login bug that Apple quickly and mysteriously resolved. Other users saw ongoing problems with accessing music on their iPhones. SocialTimes Local business review site Yelp has marked a pin in Apple’s answer to Google Maps. Now that Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 6, is ready for download, iPad and iPhone users will be able to check out Yelp reviews on Apple maps in 17 of the countries that use Yelp. The New York Times The new Apple-powered Maps app includes some other features that were not in the old version, like spoken turn-by-turn directions and Flyover, a feature that shows 3-D models of buildings in major cities. The colors in the Apple maps sparkle a bit more; zooming and panning is faster. CNET When Apple announced iOS 5 and the tight integration it would feature with Twitter, many people wondered about the conspicuous lack of Facebook integration. We still don’t know why Facebook wasn’t included in iOS 5, but it is included in iOS 6. Macworld Usually you don’t think of an operating system in terms of productivity, but iOS 6 does bring a few welcome improvements to that table. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth upgrading, check out these three ways iOS 6 can help you work smarter. continued…

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