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Google+Google Powers Up Google+ Social Sign-in (SocialTimes)
Google will now allow users to sign in to third-party apps using their Google+ log-in, the company on Tuesday. Once logged in this way, users will be prompted to specify with which Google+ circles they want to share content. Adweek Facebook has pretty much become the Social Security Administration when it comes to unified online identities, thanks to Facebook Connect. Sure, not everyone or every publisher or every app developer use Facebook’s social sign-in, but the social network has positioned itself as the dominant online identity registrar. Google thinks it has something to say about that. The Next Web Google has announced the launch of Google Play Services v3.0, which adds Google+ Sign-In features and improvements to the Google Maps API for Android. As a primer, Google Play Services is a platform which allows Android developers to integrate their apps with Google products. Now, Google touts, users will be able to “sign in to your Android app with their existing Google credentials, and bring along their Google+ info for an upgraded experience.” TechCrunch Unfortunately, lurking in the shadows are Google+’s shortcomings. Let’s face it. Most people do not have richly filled-out Google+ profile with data to personalize apps they sign in to. They don’t have an accurate Google+ graph of their friends or influencers to import to populate apps with people to view content from or play/communicate with. And most importantly, they don’t spend enough time browsing Google+ to discover apps there.

Facebook Prompts Users to Give Gifts When Friends Share Good News (AllFacebook)
Facebook is continuing to push its Gifts program, but this time, users are being prompted to give gifts based on keywords in friends’ status updates. As sister site Inside Facebook discovered, when some users post that they’ve got good news, such as new jobs, their friends can also see a button suggesting that they purchase a Facebook Gift. Inside Facebook Karma, the mobile gifting app that Facebook bought and turned into Facebook Gifts, used to have a feature that scanned friends’ recent posts for clues that they might deserve congratulations or be in need of cheering up. It seemed to only be a matter of time before Facebook included this in its own version of the product. CNET A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to CNET that the buttons are part of a “newer test” and are “signaled by keywords.” The appearance of the buttons in News Feed marks the first time that Facebook has turned to the stream to prompt its fledgling Gifts service, a product that has yet to generate meaningful revenue for Facebook.

Foursquare Partners with Visa and Mastercard to Get You More Check-In Deals (VentureBeat)
Foursquare has teamed up with Visa and Mastercard to expand its check-in deals service that lets users earn better specials by using their credit cards. The deal, which was first reported by AdAge, is quite similar to the one Foursquare struck with American Express back in June 2011. Just connect your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card to your Foursquare accounts to earn specials at select locations.

Instagram Reaches 100 Million Users Milestone, Showing That the App is Surviving After All (The Huffington Post)
Debunking once and for all the theory that Instagram has been hemorrhaging members since it controversially updated its terms of service in January, the photo-sharing app announced that it hit 100 million active users on Tuesday. The two-and-a-half-year-old company, bought by Facebook for a then eye-popping $ 1 billion in April 2012, announced the milestone in a blog post.

Twitter Finally Updates App for Windows Phone (AllTwitter)
All you Windows Phone mavericks have reason to celebrate. Twitter has finally updated the Windows phone app so you can tweet from your phone using the same nifty features as the rest of us.

Mark Cuban-Backed Startup Launches ‘HootSuite for YouTube’ (GigaOM)
Brands and publishers are well aware that they need to monitor and manage Twitter and Facebook. VidIQ, which launched Tuesday, says they’re overlooking YouTube as a critical social and data platform.

Is Twitter Really Worth $ 10 Billion? (The Wall Street Journal)
I spent the last week trying to write a column that proved Twitter wasn’t worth $ 10 billion. Then the facts intervened. Stubbornly, they arranged themselves into a most unexpected conclusion, one that seems almost blasphemy to type: Twitter has the potential to match some of the money-gushing properties of the Internet’s greatest money gusher, Google.

Mark Zuckerberg, Will.i.Am and Chris Bosh Star in Infomercial About Learning to Code (BetaBeat)
Agitprop about “coding as the new literacy,” lost momentum last year somewhere around the time adults felt compelled to issue public apologies to Codecademy for ignoring their email tutorials. But with President Obama shouting out high tech high schools in the State of the Union – and Chinese hackers inspiring a possible “Sputnik moment” – the cause of educating young minds in the ways of coding seems to have taken on new urgency.

Michelle Obama Takes Anti-Obesity Campaign to Pinterest (SocialTimes)
In addition to showing off her impressive dance moves with Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Obama has taken her anti-obesity efforts to Pinterest. MyPlate Recipes launched a Pinterest profile Tuesday, featuring recipes that help eaters comply with the dietary recommendations set out with the MyPlate, the USDA’s revision of the food pyramid.

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