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FacebookFox News Facebook Page is Most Commented On Brand Page in the World (TVNewser)
Fox News has shown that it’s a force not just on TV, but in the social sphere as well. AllFacebook reports the Fox News Facebook page was the most commented on brand page in the world last year. AllFacebook Track Social found that Fox News received an average of 7,443.5 comments per day. Facebook itself was also a major buzzword throughout the social network. Business Insider The election certainly helped. As would be expected, Fox’s fans spoke out en masse upon the announcement that Obama had been reelected, making more than 6,000 comments. The Daily Caller Fox News also ranked the highest out of all of the cable news networks for the year. CNN — which came in third, after YouTube and Blackberry, for “Most User Posts Per Day” — was the only other cable news network to place in the top 10 of a category.

Bitly Launches APIs to Track What’s Being Read on Social Networks (SocialTimes)
Bitly launched a trio of social data APIs (application programming interfaces) Tuesday that will allow their users to track which links being shared socially are garnering the most clicks. Bitly is best known as a link-shortening service, accounting for almost 8.5 billion shortened links. The Next Web Its API comes with three new services: real-time search, attention spikes and metadata about URLs. The release of this new feature is the the latest in a series of developments aimed at bringing the benefits of the service to more users. BetaBeat Obviously APIs are geared toward third-party developers to incorporate into their products and build complimentary applications. However, any Bitly user can play around with some of that new-and-vastly-improved functionality using a demo interface at

Catmoji is Pinterest for Cats (SocialTimes)
Catmoji, which launched in a sign-up beta on Tuesday, is Pinterest for cats. Here’s Catmoji‘s persuasive pitch: “Because the Internet love cats and we want to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats!”

Car Dealer Betting Big on Tweet-Inspired Super Bowl Commercial (AllTwitter)
Did you participate in Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter #SteerTheScript challenge last month where he asked people to tweet him script ideas for a new Lincoln commercial? If so, you may see your tweet come to life in the end product: A Super Bowl commercial with a $ 3.8 million dollar price tag. Lost Remote In related news, CBS has the rights to this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, and the network is betting big on second-screen interaction for the game. Unlike some other social efforts, CBS isn’t concerned with trying to get people to tune in (more than 100 million live viewers is virtually guaranteed), but rather to create a value-added experience focused on interactive elements.

Hoax Wikipedia Article on Colonial Indian Conflict Removed After Five Years (SocialTimes)
A Wikipedia article rated “good” and first published in 2007 was recently revealed as a hoax and removed from the crowd-sourced encyclopedia. Most hoaxes are marked for deletion within hours of being published, according to Wikipedia.

Facebook Fixes Password Bug (AllFacebook)
After a researcher found a bug that would allow a hacker to change a user’s Facebook password and gain access to his/her profile, ZDNet reported Tuesday that the company has patched up this issue. Researcher Sow Ching Shiong discovered a password reset vulnerability on Facebook, pointing out that a hacker could change the password of a Facebook user without needing to know the original password.

Hearsay Social Adds Two Veterans of Google, Microsoft to its Executive Team (SocialTimes)
Hearsay Social has added two enterprise experts from Google and Microsoft to its executive team, the company announced on Tuesday. Michael Lock, a founding executive of Google Enterprise, will become the chief operating officer for the company. Mark Gilbert, a veteran employee of Microsoft, will serve as vice president of product.

Kickstarter Projects Earned Almost $ 320M in Pledges Last Year (AppNewser)
If you gave money to a Kickstarter project in 2012, then you are one of the 2.24 million people who did so last year. The company earned almost $ 320 million in pledges last year and successfully funded 18,109 projects.

World Economic Forum Flags ‘Digital Wildfires’ As Risk to Global Stability (SocialTimes)
Global political and economic experts believe that false information spread on social networks could cause political and economic unrest, according to the 2013 Global Risks Report issued by the World Economic Forum. The report points out that social networks, by sorting people into social affinity groups, make it more difficult for relevant parties to correct misinformation.

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