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President Barack Obama9 Ways to Watch Obama’s Inauguration Online (Mashable)
Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony is happening today at 11:30 a.m. ET, followed immediately by the inaugural parade, the commander-in-chief’s ball and the inaugural ball. Looking for a place to watch online? Mashable has rounded up nine options for you. The Wall Street Journal Here are ways to follow and participate in Obama‘s inauguration through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. For a broader take on what’s being said on Twitter, the official hashtag is #inaug2013. CNN The presidential inaugural committee launched a new smartphone application, providing key information regarding road closings, inaugural events and even port-a-potty locations. The application can even be used offline, preventing crowding data connections. The Washington Post Speaking of crowding data connections, phone companies are setting up an extensive network of temporary towers and other equipment the length of the Mall to handle the explosion in wireless traffic. So far, at least nine temporary cell towers — including COWS, or cells on wheels — have gone up near the Korean War memorial, the World War II memorial, the Washington Monument, the National Gallery of Art, two Smithsonian museums and other locations. Twitter Blog While buzz about the inauguration builds on Twitter, the legislative branch has some news of its own: as of Friday, all 100 members of the Senate as well as 398 members of the House of Representatives are on Twitter. Another exciting new member of Twitter is Michelle Obama, who will now be tweeting from @FLOTUS about her life as first lady.

Tumblr Takes Photo-Sharing to New Widths with Panoramic Photos (SocialTimes)
Amid the battle between photo-sharing sites that no longer want to share (we’re looking at you, Instagram and Twitter), Tumblr has quietly added something bigger. As of Thursday, users can upload panoramic photos to the blogging site. Fox News Normally, in order to fit the entire width of the photo into the width of a Web page, very few pixels are left for the height, and the picture appears as a thin strip. Tumblr now provides the ability to view a larger, taller version of the photo and scroll left and right to see it in more detail. Social News DailyTurning the user’s screen sideways produces the best results for smartphone users. The new panoramic view can be incorporated into Tumblr themes by using the {block:Panorama} tag.

Aaron Swartz Memorial Serves as a Political Call to Action (VentureBeat)
The memory of Aaron Swartz remains strong more than a week after his tragic death, judging from the turnout at his memorial service in New York City Saturday night. Around 900 people attended the service at Cooper Union’s Great Hall, which featured a selection of speakers close to Swartz.

OkCupid Ventures into Interest-Based Search and Dating Sites (SocialTimes)
OkCupid Labs continues to push out new projects, beta-testing an interest-based dating website,, and an interest-based search engine, Combosaurus draws OkCupid’s 6 million dating profiles as well as data from Wikipedia, Goodreads and Facebook to “suggest things you’ll like and people you should meet,” the website says.

A Revamped Myspace Site Faces a Problem With Rights (The New York Times)
Although Myspace boasts the biggest library in digital music — more than 50 million songs, it says — a group representing thousands of small labels says the service is using its members’ music without permission. Charles Caldas, chief executive of Merlin, said in an interview on Friday that its deal with Myspace expired over a year ago, yet songs from more than 100 of its labels are still available on Myspace, including Beggars Group, Domino and Merge, three of the biggest independents.

Storify Curator Shows Private Facebook Posts (AllFacebook)
Julie Pippert, founder and director of Artful Media Group, found what she believes to be a bug in Storify’s system. Regardless of Facebook users’ privacy settings, their posts can be quoted in Storify streams, she discovered.

Texting Newscaster Falls into Freezing Canal (CNET)
Newscaster Laura Safe (this is, indeed, her real name) is the latest in the annals of people who almost did themselves permanent damage because they were too busy texting to see where they were going. She was texting her boyfriend, who is so astoundingly gorgeous that she would have walked through morning traffic in Manhattan just to send him an “LOL.”

Six Best Social Media Conferences in 2013 (AllTwitter)
Over at Windmill Networking, social media expert Neil Schaffer put together his annual list of the best social media conferences to attend this year. His initiative inspired us to put together our own roundup.

Social Network Fandalism Adds a Cheap Way for Musicians to Upload Songs to iTunes and More (TechCrunch)
Fandalism, a social network for musicians, is adding a new feature that should undercut the market for “aggregators” like CD Baby and Tunecore (which allow independent artists to sell their music on iTunes and other digital stores). To do that, founder Philip Kaplan is offering a free song upload to iTunes, and unlimited uploads to iTunes, Spotify and Google Play for $ 19.99 per year.

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