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Posting a Photo is the Worst Way to Get People to See Your Facebook Posts (Business Insider)
Data provided to Business Insider by social media analytics company Socialbakers shows just how badly photos perform compared with videos, links, and even simple text-only posts in terms of reach on Facebook. What makes this data so remarkable is that it wasn’t so long ago that posting photos used to give brand page owners the best chance of their posts being seen by their fans. WebProNews Last summer, Facebook announced a change to its News Feed algorithm, which would punish posts that were photos that linked to webpages in the caption. This had become a popular way for sites to try and drive traffic since photos, at the time, had a better chance of showing up in users’ News Feeds.

Inmate Gets 37.5 Years in Solitary Confinement for 38 Facebook Posts (SocialTimes)
The South Carolina Department of Corrections has been bringing the hammer down hard on inmates who are caught posting to social networks, but are the punishments a bit over the top? The Electronic Frontier Foundation used South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act to find that more than 400 disciplinary cases have been brought against inmates since the SCDC made “creating and/or assisting with a social networking site” a level-one offense in 2012, and the penalties are harsh, with one inmate receiving more than 37 years in isolation for 38 posts on Facebook.

More Than Half of All Smartphone Users in Latin America Use Twitter, Study Claims (VentureBeat)
With Twitter’s most recent earnings report showing dismal user growth, it’s clear the company needs to focus on expanding to new markets. A new study from comScore indicates that Latin America might be the right market to target next.

Hershey’s, Godiva Among Most Popular Candy Brands Around Valentine’s Day (SocialTimes)
While it’s hard to quantify love into a Facebook page, Falcon Social took a look at the top candy makers on Facebook around Valentine’s Day. When Falcon Social analyzed the most popular chocolate or Valentine’s day sweet brands on Facebook, in terms of fan base, Hershey’s Kisses topped the field, followed by Lindt Chocolate USA and Dove Chocolate.

Twitter CEO Injured While Skiing (CNN Money)
Twitter’s CEO took to Twitter overnight to announce to the world that he had injured himself while skiing. Dick Costolo tweeted that he fractured his collarbone, but his sense of humor was still clearly intact.

SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special Breaks Two Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Records (LostRemote)
It’s hard to capture people’s attention for three-and-a-half hours (four if you include the red carpet), but Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special did just that, and it easily broke two Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings record. First, the 1.3 million tweets sent by 449,000 unique authors generated 187 million impressions.

How Social Media is Shaking Up Recruiting; Punt, Pass & Pork (Sports Illustrated)
On Saturday, Matt Dudek fired out homemade Arizona-themed Valentine’s Day cards on Twitter and Instagram. Why generate memes when he could take the day off? Because Dudek always wants something fresh on recruits’ preferred social networks.

Why You Need to Develop a Vine Influencer Strategy Today (SocialTimes)
By partnering with influential Vine users, advertisers have the opportunity to get their message to their audience through a source that their audience trusts. The good will and positivity that influencers build over time translates to the brands they endorse.

For Rising Comedy Star Clark Duke, Tweeting Is Like Drunk-Texting America (Adweek)
It just doesn’t interest me. It feels like a weird, part-time job. And it seems kind of dangerous, having that in your pocket. It’s like drunk-texting your girlfriend, but your girlfriend is, like, America.

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