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FacebookReport: Facebook to Nearly Triple Share of Global Mobile Ad Market in 2013; Google Still Dominant (AllFacebook)
Facebook’s share of the worldwide mobile ad market is expected to nearly triple in 2013, reaching 15.8 percent, after coming in at 5.35 percent in 2012, according to the latest projections from market research outfit eMarketer. The previous estimate by eMarketer for Facebook was 12.9 percent for 2013, and the social network still trails Google by a hefty margin, as eMarketer pegged Google for a 53.17 percent share for 2013. Adweek The general mobile ad market worldwide will blossom by 89 percent to $ 16.7 billion in 2013, eMarketer estimates. Across mobile and desktop devices, Google remains the undisputed global digital ads leader with nearly 33 percent of the market this year, the researcher says, up modestly from 31 percent last year. VentureBeat Some perspective: Between 2011 and 2012, Google’s mobile ad revenue share grew by 14 percent. From that figure down to one is a long, steep tumble. Mobile ad revenue has been the bright, shining star of Facebook’s earnings reports since late last year. AdAge However, Facebook isn’t necessarily taking share away from other publishers and ad networks, since the mobile ad market now amounts to $ 16.7 billion and is still on a steep growth trajectory, according to eMarketer vice president of communications Clark Fredricksen. “It’s not as though Facebook is taking away dollars that used to be in others’ pockets,” he said, “but Facebook is redistributing so much revenue from its own desktop business to mobile. It’s making the [mobile] pie much, much bigger and taking a bigger portion of it.” AllTwitter Twitter, too, has seen its overall share increase, but it’s a fraction of that of Facebook, and is expected to reach 1.85 percent this year, up from 1.57 percent in 2011.

Twitter ‘Report Abuse’ Button Now Live on All Platforms (CNET)
Speaking of Twitter, reporting abuse on the microblogging service has been simplified on all platforms, including desktop Web, mobile Web and iOS and Android apps. The move comes after female journalists and a member of Parliament were harassed and threatened with rape on the social network with no easy way to report the abuse.

Facebook is Encouraging Users to Pimp Pages – And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t (SocialTimes)
Until now, running contests, competitions and sweepstakes was an offense that could get you banned outright if caught. Now, with the latest Page Terms update, Facebook is actually encouraging page-pimping. But what does this mean for your business?

With Product Update, Twitter Aims to Make Following Conversations Easier (AllThingsD)
Twitter updated its mobile clients and website on Wednesday, changing the order in which users see tweets in their home timelines. Tweets will appear in order of conversational sequence inside users’ timelines, instead of the classic reverse-chronological timeline order, a mainstay of Twitter since its inception.

Twitter Acquires Social TV Startup Trendrr (LostRemote)
In related Twitter news, if the microblogging service’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs six months ago reflected its “commitment to the social TV market,” then Wednesday’s announcement that it bought Trendrr reflects its efforts to dominate the social TV space outright. Trendrr CEO Mark Ghuneim announced the acquisition: “We are excited to be joining Twitter’s world class team, enabling us to realize bigger opportunities that drive better experiences for users, media and marketers – across Twitter and around the globe,” he said in a blog post.

Oxford Dictionaries Online Adds ‘Selfie,’ ‘Emoji’ and Other Tech-Oriented Terms (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
Selfie, phablet, emoji. A few years ago, these words held little to no meaning for most Americans. But thanks to the onward creep of new and pervasive technologies like smartphones, Facebook and photo-sharing, and communication services like Snapchat and Instagram, they have become nearly ubiquitous.

Social Gifting App Grafaty Goes Live in LA (AppNewser)
Grafaty, a social gifting platform that lets users send food & drinks gift certificates to each other, has expanded beyond Seattle and is now available in Los Angeles. The app lets users send specific menu items from select venues to friends via a smartphone app. Recipients can cash in the gift by using their phone at the venue.

Your Facebook Friends Could Hurt Your Credit Score (International Business Times)
Some lenders are beginning to take into account social media contacts when determining a loan applicant’s eligibility, reports CNN Money. Small startup lenders especially are using social media data to assess the risk of giving loans to people who struggle to get credit.

Yahoo Unleashes Mobile Redesign Across Mail, Homepage, Search and More (The Next Web)
On the heels of Tuesday’s revamp of seven of its desktop Web properties, Yahoo is releasing a new mobile look across many of its products, including Mail, Finance, Homepage, Search, Messenger and News. The redesign is intended to bring the UI of Yahoo’s mobile websites more in line with its native mobile apps, while also providing a unified experience across devices.

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