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NewFacebookLogoFacebook’s Graph Search Results Will Now Include Posts, Status Updates (AllFacebook)
Facebook’s Graph Search just got a lot more robust, as the social network announced Monday that posts and status updates will now be part of its results, allowing users to search content including photo captions, check-ins and comments. Users will only be able to see content that has been shared with them, which includes content from friends, as well as posts that are shared publicly. Inside Facebook This is rolling out slowly among a small group of users who have Graph Search. Privacy settings on posts will not change, and users will not be able to see posts if they’re not within the person’s privacy controls. CNET The product also remains desktop-only, meaning Graph Search isn’t yet available to members on their smartphones where they’re increasingly engaging with Facebook. Still, with the release, the language of Graph Search becomes instantly more familiar to people who just want a simple way to go back in time. Mashable The update makes Facebook much more conducive to real-time conversations, an area where it has been making major strides to compete with the likes of Twitter. The two social networks have been competing for eyeballs during primetime television events like the Emmys, the NFL’s Monday Night Football and Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale. Forbes The company has said that this is different from a traditional search engine like Google. So while it’s still early for this product, it’s not known how well this kind of search engine will monetize compared to Google’s search gold mine of user intent.

Twitter Makes Embedded Tweets’ Photos Larger and Richer (AllTwitter)
Twitter has put photos front and center in its update to embedded tweets. Tweets that contain photos now have a “bigger and bold visual focus on the media” when you embed them, a boon for bloggers and publishers.

Pinterest Wins $ 7.2M and Injunction Against Cybersquatter (AllThingsD)
Pinterest Monday won a judgment in U.S. District Court against Qian Jin, a Chinese cybersquatter, so it can take control of 100 domains he had bought, including, and Today, if you go to those domains you’ll find cheesy online casino ads and lists of related links.

Facebook Showcases Big ‘Breaking Bad’ Numbers as it Courts TV Industry (LostRemote)
After every big TV event, Twitter is quick to share its social TV stats for the broadcast. But with Facebook suddenly in the social TV race, it shared its own numbers the morning after the “Breaking Bad” finale on AMC. And as you might imagine, Facebook’s sheer reach plays to its advantage.

I Cheated YouTube for Five Months and Finally Got Caught (The Daily Dot)
After more than five months, $ 500 spent and more than half a million views, YouTube has finally deleted the video that I blatantly juiced with fake views all winter. The whole kerfuffle arose back in December, when The Daily Dot noticed that YouTube had cleaned house on the view counts for a number of major music companies that had allegedly violated the site’s terms of use, which prohibit users from accumulated fake or falsified views.

Twitter, a YouTube Musical (AppNewser)
Twitter, the YouTube Musical is here! The lyrics are cheesy, but I’m a sucker for Disney style singing, tap dancing and generally geeky Internet videos.

Facebook Will Rival Twitter for the Attention of U.S. TV Firms by Producing Weekly Data Reports (The Next Web)
Facebook has upped its efforts to rival Twitter for the attention of TV networks and producers after revealing plans to provide weekly analytics and engagement reports for a handful of broadcast companies, The Wall Street Journal reports. Details of the number of “actions” — likes, comments and shares — that key episodes trigger among Facebook’s 1.2 billion-plus users will be sent to ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and “a small number of select partners.” The reports will not be made public.

Bang with Friends to Change Names After Trademark Settlement with Zynga (TechCrunch)
Bang With Friends’ catchy name unfortunately is getting tossed after the startup reached a settlement with Zynga. The social gaming company had accused the casual sex app of infringing on its “With Friends” line-up. But now both are saying they’ve reached a settlement.

Here’s What Happens To Twitter And Other IPOs If the Government Shuts Down (Business Insider)
According to the SEC’s government shut down contingency plan, IPOs — like the one Twitter is currently planning — do not make it onto the “absolutely must-do” list. This is in part because, during a government shutdown, the SEC will only have about 6.1 percen of its employees working on staff — those employees will be designtated and informed of their position by a Contingency Planning Committee and the Office of General Counsel.

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