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Facebook is Testing a LinkedIn-Like ‘Professional Skills’ Section on User Profiles (The Next Web)
Facebook is in the process of implementing a new feature to your profile. shared with us that the social network company is adding a Professional Skills section to user accounts, mirroring LinkedIn. Mashable The new category appears as an option in a Facebook profile’s About section under the heading of Work and Education. A simple click on the edit button near the heading reveals the new category that automatically offers links to pages focused on the skills the user has entered. Inside Facebook In related news, it’s no secret that Facebook is planning to add auto-play video ads to the News Feed at some point. However, as the company tries to find the balance between profit and user experience, this ad product keeps getting delayed. Now it is being delayed indefinitely, according to AdAge. AdAge The latest delay could be a setback for marketers that had planned to use the video ads as part of Black Friday promotions which come the day after Thanksgiving and mark the beginning of the holiday retail season. Company representatives have been non-committal about whether the unit will be ready in time. CNET “It is important for Facebook to get the design of this product right, and the company is clearly struggling with creating a format that will enable it to sell broad demographic reach to advertisers at scale without alienating users,” Macquarie Securities analysts said in the firm’s Facebook note published Friday morning. “We remain concerned that there could be significant backlash to any auto-play video, and we were skeptical that Facebook would go that route, but all checks indicate that this is still the plan.”

Instagram to Begin Monetizing Service with Ads ‘Within the Next Year’ as it Tops 150M Monthly Users (The Next Web)
Instagram has just grown a little bit more — Sunday, the photo-sharing company revealed that it now has 150 million monthly users, a 15 percent increase since its last count two months ago. The news also comes in light of a report from The Wall Street Journal that says the company will begin monetizing its service within the next year. Yes, ads are coming to the popular mobile app.

Fashion Industry Generates Conversation Just in Time for the Big Show (SocialTimes)
As Fashion Week got underway, there were some social media successes and some controversy. Regardless of the individual cases, the fashion industry seems to understand how to generate a conversation just in time for the big show.

New Claims NSA Can Access Data on iOS, Android, BlackBerry (ZDNET)
Der Spiegel has reported that it has obtained National Security Agency documents in which the agency states it accessed data from Apple iPhones, BlackBerry devices and phones that use Google’s Android operating system. Der Spiegel said most smartphone data can be extracted, including users’ contact lists, text message logs and information on geographical locations.

Are You Ready for Some Football? PageData Tracks NFL Likes, PTAT in Week Before Season Opener (AllFacebook)
The Denver Broncos kicked off the 2013 National Football League season Thursday night with a resounding 49-27 throttling of the visiting Baltimore Ravens. According to sister site PageData, the Broncos excelled on Facebook in the past seven days, as well, picking up 16,723 likes to lead the NFL, and seeing its people talking about this total rise by 73,556, good for a third-place finish.

Apple is Set to Announce Two iPhones (The New York Times)
The handset market is so brutally competitive that Apple, the most successful smartphone maker, is preparing to step up its game this week by offering two new iPhones instead of one. At an event on Tuesday at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, the company is set to unveil for customers worldwide a new iPhone with a faster processor, along with another model that will be sold at a lower cost.

How the 70/30 Rule Can Rocket Your Twitter Presence to the Top (AllTwitter)
The 70/30 rule is a general rule of thumb that I like to recommend to businesses and individuals that are new to Twitter. It allows for businesses to do a little self-promotion, without bombarding their followers with too many overt marketing messages – which will ultimately scare them all away.

Yahoo Will Start Releasing Transparency Reports, too (VentureBeat)
Transparency reporting is getting trendy, guys. Yahoo announced Sunday that it will release a transparency report for data requests from governments around the world — and we’re glad it is.

World’s First Facebook Flavored Ice Cream Courtesy of Croatia (AllFacebook)
The idea for this ice cream experiment came from a Croatian ice cream shop owner, Admir Adili, whose 15-year-old daughter is perpetually addicted to Facebook. He thought she and other Facebook addicts would enjoy an ice cream concoction inspired by their favorite social network.

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