Social Media Newsfeed: D.C. Navy Yard Shooting | Facebook, Twitter in Iran


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TwitterNBC, CBS Remind Us You Don’t Have to Be on Reddit or Twitter to Misidentify a Mass Killer (Slate)
Lest we think that Redditors, tweeters and bloggers have a monopoly on rushing to judgment when tragedies are unfolding, a pair of network news stations Monday provided a reminder that premature reports are as old as the news itself. NBC and CBS both named the same suspect in the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard shooting on Monday afternoon, then retracted their reports. NBC’s Chuck Todd deleted his tweet naming the alleged shooter. Mashable Speaking of Reddit, hours after a subreddit cropped up Monday, supposedly dedicated to identifying the gunmen who infiltrated the Washington Navy Yard and killed at least 12 people on Monday, it was banned from the social news site. Reddit came under heavy criticism for its role in sparking a witch hunt during the Boston Marathon bombings in April. USA Today Matt Goetz of Arlington, Va., sent a few Twitter updates of his status while he was in lockdown at the Navy Yard’s Admiral Gooding Center. He tweeted, “I am fine here at the Yard and safe. The Internet is terrible so I can’t really send much out, but I am fine.” Other people used Twitter to send updates about their safety status and to say if they were still waiting to hear from loved ones. Mediaite The website BuzzFeed is already tracking the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Twitter response to the mass shooting, which, according to Buzzfeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski, typically involves long periods of silence. The NRA’s Twitter feed is not all that prolific, and will routinely go a day or more without tweeting. International Business Times Twitter users are telling Henry Winkler to “sit on it” after a tweet in which he used the Washington Navy Yard shooting as an occasion to call for stricter gun laws. He tweeted: “ANOTHER shooting in WASH D.C. PLEASE America do nothing to promote gun control .because thats how we roll until we have all shot each other.”

Facebook and Twitter Come Back to Life in Iran (AllThingsD)
For the last four years, the only way people in Iran have been able to use Facebook and Twitter is by using a virtual private network to get around that country’s internal Internet censors. Monday, for reasons that are not as yet clear, that changed.

NowThis News Pioneers the Instagram Interview (SocialTimes)
NowThis News, which claims to be the first and only mobile and social original news network, is making Vine and Instagram central to its news gathering efforts that are targeted at tech-savvy millennials. Note the emphasis on original reporting.

Facebook Explains Secrets of Building Hugely Scalable Sites (VentureBeat)
Facebook, which joined up with Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung to launch a few weeks ago, has already produced something for the ostensibly public-minded initiative. It has published a white paper detailing some of its secrets to success.

ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Reaches Deal with Facebook for Content from New APIs (AllFacebook)
In related news, “Dancing with the Stars,” ABC’s hit reality competition series, reached an agreement with Facebook to tap into the two application-programming interfaces it announced last week, the public feed API and the keyword insights API, to display conversations from the social network during broadcasts. Variety broke the news of the partnership, saying that it marks Facebook’s first entertainment partnership involving the new APIs, and adding that Facebook will be able to break those conversations down by criteria including gender, age groups and location.

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman on Education: Overhaul the Degree, Not Just the Instruction (GigaOM)
Plenty of startups — from massive open online course (MOOC) providers like Coursera and Udacity to adaptive learning companies like Knewton to the “online Ivy” Minerva Project — want to rethink what it means to get an education. But bigwig Silicon Valley investor Reid Hoffman wants entrepreneurs to go one step further and upend the college degree.

Canadian Prime Minister Shuts Down Question Period; Opposition Holds it on Twitter Instead (AllTwitter)
On Monday afternoon, Canadian opposition party the New Democrats (NDP) hosted a virtual question period on Twitter … three days after Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, shut it down. Canadian politicians were alerted on Friday that they wouldn’t have to come to work for another month.

Microsoft Introduces New Contextual Search Features, Refreshed Layout and Redesigned Logo for Bing (The Next Web)
Microsoft is making significant changes to its Bing search service as it aims to up its challenge to Google, after announcing a new refreshed homepage, new logo and the addition of two features: Glance and Page Zero. The most obvious addition to the new Bing service is Glance, which combines two existing features – Snapshot, which stores information about a user, and Sidebar, which tracks friends from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks — to create more contextual and personalized search results.

Body-Slamming its Competition, WWE Surpasses 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube (LostRemote)
TV brands that rely on linear often shy away from having a strong – or at least fan-friendly – YouTube presence. WWE has bucked this trend by surpassing two million subscribers to its channel.

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