Social Media News: Twitter Uses Fake Tweets


Twitter slipped big time by posting a doctored image with fake tweets this week. Other than that, the week was good for social media networks. Facebook declared encouraging financial results and was leading in television related social media activity. LinkedIn followed others by starting sponsored updates for company pages.

Facebook Leads in Television Activity in Social Networks

Activity related to television programming is as much as five times the combined activity of all other networks, according to Trendrr’ Analysis with Drama and Comedy leading the engagement numbers.

Twitter Uses Fake Tweets to Advertise Twitter Ads Integration

In a shocking incident, Twitter used real Twitter user handles with false tweets to advertise its new Twitter ads platform. It later apologised for the mistake and removed the image from its blog. However, the post was already reblogged on multiple platforms and showed the original doctored image. Moreover, the official Twitter statement only said that it was not ‘OK’ to falsify tweets, but did not comment about how it happened. It definitely created a ‘Buzz’ though.

Persona – A reputation management tool you should look forward to

All those who think they have lost out on a wonderful job opportunity because of an indecent college photo or an inappropriate rant against an ex-employer can now breathe easy. Persona, a Seattle based startup plans to make it easy to remove posts and photos across major social networks through their interface. You don’t need to log on to each network to search and learn the deletion process for each network to clean up your past.

Facebook Sees Green

Facebook had some good news for its investors after a long time. It declared hefty gains this week from its mobile ads segment. Facebook shares gained nearly thirty percent on the stock market as its revenue rose beyond market expectations.

LinkedIn launches Sponsored Updates

On the lines of Facebook’s sponsored posts, LinkedIn too has started to offer its users sponsored updates on company pages. Earlier, the updates posted on company pages were visible only to the page followers. The sponsored updates will be visible to many more.

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